Monday, April 30, 2007

Go Nuke!

I have long been expecting (and hoping) that the relentless attack of the enviromentalists would lead to the resurgence of the nuclear power industry. It has long been farily obvious that solar, lunar, hydroelcetric and all other forms of so-called "natural
energy" cannot make up the massive needs of modern society, nor can they replace oil.

But nuclear power can. And since it is completely clean save for its waste (which is far easier to manage than the exhaust of most other forms of energy production, it is really the only practical solution. Except that the envinromental movement hates it. However, they reap what they sow, and their constant drumbeat of negativity (aided and abetted by their clueless-as-usual useful idiots in the media) has roused rational people to respond.

The United Kingdom's Daily Mail today writes that leading scientists announce that nuclear power will save the save world.

In a nutshell, precisely.

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