Saturday, April 07, 2007

But Russia Complains...

As the U.S completed 2007's second successful test of the new missile defense system, Russia complained that the US should invite them to join. In what sounds remarkably like whining, Konstantin Kosachev, a member of Russia's Parliament said Russia should be included in the missile defense shield. He went on to say that if Russsia was not included, that the shield would be viewed as a threat.

Well, yes, Mr. Kosachev, that would be a good way to look at it. Russia has proven over the past few years that they will do whatever it takes to injure the United States, and have been very prominent in propping up dictatorships such as the one in Iraq and currently the one in IRan despite the clear danger to the rest of the world. Under those circumstances, it would be foolish for the US to invite Russia to join in what is intended to defend us against those regimes.

Russsia has flouted UN and treaty law in giving technological and military aid to Iran, Iraq and North Korea that will enable them to produce nucleear weapons. Why should we give them the defense we are building against that technology? If Russsia wants to take it as a threat, then so be it. They have only themselves to blame.

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