Monday, April 09, 2007

A Word from our Soldiers

The guys at Power Line have posted in its entirety a letter from Marine Sergeant Baker Brooks who is about to be redeployed to Iraq. This letter provides one of the clearest views of why our soldiers (and yes, they are soldiers, not mercenaries, not warriors, they are soldiers), go willingly back into the fray, despite our media's endless carping and negativism.

Sergeant Brooks writes,
Well, “The War in Iraq” is not a catchphrase and it isn’t the war itself, it's a battlefield, like Afghanistan, where we get a chance to spill the blood of our enemy. And unlike any war in the past there are no boundaries and there will be no end. No end until Jesus returns in fulfillment of his prophecy. My son and his children will be dealing with this fight as the enemy will never change their ideological stance much like we will never change ours. This war will wage as the Fringe Elements of Islam continue to exist.

Read the whole thing. It is men and women like this sergeant who make our country worth defending, and I thank God that there are men and women like Sergeant Brooks. It is men and women like the sergeant who are the real core of this country, not the lawyers, not the journalists and certainly not the shallow entertainers in Hollywood. While they chatter and try to undermine our great nation, soldiers like Sergeant Brooks are out there making things safer.

And the sergeant is quite correct- Iraq is not a separate war, anymore than the North African campaign of World War II was separate from the Pacific campaign. It is the same war, just in a different location. Too bad the media and many Democrats cannot or will not understand that.

Thank you Sergeant Brooks.

Hat tip to Power Line.

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