Sunday, April 08, 2007

On Economy

The eyars between 1992 and 2000 are generally considered a time of great economic prosperity. Former President Clinton likes to point to this as due to his Administration's efforts. However, the Bush Administration claimed today that the economy has done better under their governance than under Clinton- a claim strongly denied by the Clintons.

But is Bush right? Both sides agree that unemployment, at a mere 4.4 percent, is much better now than it ever was during Clinton's Administration. This is a definite point for Bush. However, they diverge on other points. The Clintonites claim that the number of Americans below the poverty line rose under Bush wherte it fell under Clionton. Since the poverty line is not specified, and can be counted in a number of different ways, I am going to discard that claim, along with the Bush claim that productivity rose much faster under their watch than under Clinton's. Both numbers are too hard to accurately verify.

However, there is other data to compare. Apparently wages have gone up under Bush more than they did under Clinton. However, at the same time, the economy may have created more jobs under Clinton than under Bush. However, Clinton inherited a fairly robuist economy that was coming out from George H.W. Bush's foolish tax increases, and he had a peaceful decade, with no military or other setbacks. Bush, on the other hand, came in as a recession was beginning, and then had to deal with a vicious terrorist attack and subsequent military action. Basedd on the two different eras, I woulod tend to agree that Bush's economy seems to be more robust and deeper than Clinton's. If you were not in high-tech, Clinton's economy was not that good, as I can testify. However, Bush's economy seems to be better to non-Silicon Valley folks.

In the end, I will agree with Larry Kudlow, who says that neither Administration has been as good for the US economy as was Ronald Reagan, who laid the basis for both booms with his tax relief, deregulation and disinflation. Just more evidence why in my opinion Ronald Reagan was one of the greatest Presidents of the 20th century.

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