Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Illegals go home

Open borders proponents have claimed that our illegal immigrants are happy to be part of our culture. Well, that appears to be untrue. The demonstrations last yeaar proved that many of them want to make the US a part of Mexico! And in fact, the illegal aliens are so little interested in being a part of the United States that in Santa Ana, a Southern California city, they haven't even bothered to learn English.

This is sadly not a new phernomenon. Mexicans and other illegal immigrants like to use their language to say bad things about Americans while they live and work illegally in our country. But when it comes to actually making a positive contribution, they don't seem to care. Their idea is to use the United States as their giant wastebasket, and bring all of their probelms over to us. For an example, see the KSL 5 website out of Salt Lake City, which is reporting that an illegal alien asttempted to rape an eleven-year old girl.

This has to stop. The sooner our elected representatives get off their hands and start securing the border and deporting these illegal alines, the better off we will all be.

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