Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tax the Rich?

Our tax code is a disgrace. Ever since I began to pay taxes, and especially after living in Japan, which is a country with a much cleaner tax code, I have been an advocate of a fairer, simpler, less burdensome tax system. The flat tax comes to mind rather quickly.

Over on TownHall.com today, David Strom has published an excellent analysis of our current tax system, especially why it is so unfair and why it does exactly the opposite of what the tax-increasers (that would be the Democrats) like to claim it does.

Strom writes,
How? It's pretty simple really. While liberals say income taxes are aimed at the "rich," that is simply wrong.

Income taxes are levies on income, not wealth. Rich people are already rich. If they are earning an income as well, then more power to them. But if you are really "rich," you don't need to work. So an income tax, far from being a tax on "the rich," is really a tax on people who work for a living.

Read the whole thing and see what you think. I think it makes eminent sense. Now if only Congress would actually reform the tax code....

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