Sunday, April 08, 2007

Global Warming?

Not according to this story in the Charlotte Observer reporting that temperatures at the Chrlotte airport on April 8 broke the record for coldest day in Charlotte history at 21 degrees. The Observer also reported that the cold weather was not confined to North Carolina- it seems most of the East Coast is dealing with record lows.

This assessment is echoed by Professor Richard Lindzen of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who wrote an article for Newsweek magazing online wherein he stated that "Much of the alarm over climate change is based on ignorance of what is normal for weather and climate". Lindzen thoroughly debunks the global warming hysteria, concluding by saying that "The conclusion of the late climate scientist Roger Revelle—Al Gore's supposed mentor—is worth pondering: the evidence for global warming thus far doesn't warrant any action unless it is justifiable on grounds that have nothing to do with climate."

I am a confirmed skeptic at this point as far as global warming being a threat to us. Iran is a threat. North Korea is a threat. Militant Islam around the world is a threat. Global warming? The EU is probably a greater threat to the world than global warming. If it is even human-caused (a point about which I hold grave reservations), then I doubt it will pose a greater danger than the afore-mentioned countries- despite the hysterical claims of the Press.

Media folks are not experts, nor are they very knowledgable about-well anything other than how to write and talk well. Journalism is one of the least challenging fields you can possibly enter. It requires no hard study, no logic, no talent other than good writing skills. Would you trust an journalism major to tell you how to program your software? Or to assist you in designing a new mathematical problem? Or to tell you how to compose your new symphony? Of course not. They have no expertise or training whatsoever in any of those fields. Then why do we listen to these folks pontificate about global warming, the war, politics, or anything else? They are not trained, nor have they completed degrees in the fields they cover. Their function is to report, and let their listeners make up their minds. Unfortunately, they long ago decided that ignorant, emotionally-charged rants on topics about which they possess little if any real knowledge was preferable to actually doing their jobs.

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