Monday, April 16, 2007

Democrats and Frugality

Outside of John McCain's planned speech, there is little that I am interested enough to blog on today. I could care less about the romantic affairs of England's Prince William, which most of the big newspapaers are breathless over. However, ther is one other little item that did catch my eye.

It appears that after their successful recapture of Conghress, taxpayer-paid junkets by the new Democratic majority are picking up steam. According to the Washington Examiner,
All told, the military flew at least 13 congressional delegations to various destinations during the Easter recess -- at an estimated rate of $10,000 or more per flying hour.

The congressional delegation trips, known as CODELs, are paid for by taxpayers. They are supposed to be directly related to members’ official duties, and House guidelines also stipulate that delegations include members of both parties to qualify for military planes -- a requirement that Speaker Nancy Pelosi waived for Engel’s group and two other delegations.

So, Speaker Pelosi, after you have the gall to possibly break the law and attempt to strip the President of his authority under the Constitution to make policy for the United States, you also are OK with your party junketing all over the world despite your claims that only Republicans are the party of corruption. Let's recall- Democrats had over forty years in the majority, and they certainly did not distinguish themselves. It appears that despite the wilderness years, Democcrats have learned nothing about how taxpayers view the waste of their hard-earned money.

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