Monday, April 23, 2007

A Spark of Patriotism

A solider returning home to Novato in California's Marin County was welcomed home by a middle school band and a troop of Boy Scouts. the Marin Independent Journal reports,
Former soldiers Jeremiah Pauley, 31, and brother-in-law Greg Scott, 27, both recently returned from Iraq, were pleasantly surprised with a public welcome punctuated by an impromptu front-yard concert by the Sinaloa Middle School band at the home of their grandmother, Liz Scott.

The 30-student-strong marching band was joined by more than a dozen Cub Scouts from Troop 42 for a one-block parade from the nearby school to join an emotional gathering of neighbors, school officials and extended family members to honor the recently released soldiers.

While I applaud the actions of the Boy Scout troop and the band, it is sad when a demonstration of patriotism like this in Marin County is remarkable for its rarity.

And on a side note, you mean to tell me Ms. Pelosi and her ACLU friends haven't yet managed to drive the Boy Scouts out of Marin with their demands for gay scoutmasters and girls as Scouts? I guess there must be a few judges who still actually respect the Constitution in Marin County. Hat tip to Michelle Malkin.

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