Thursday, April 19, 2007

Light Posting Today

Since I have no interest in weiging in on the tragedy at Virginia Tech (The Power Line team has the best commentary- "It's too early to make any conclusions"), and the other issues in the news today are either too ridiculous (John Edwards' $400 dollar haircut). The Supreme Court's rejection of partial-birth abortion is a step, but until Roe vs. Wade is shot down for the completely unConsitutional judicial power grab that it was, we will have a highly charged debate over abortion.

In the meantime, I do have a report on an interesting debate on Islam that took place at UCLA between Daniel Pipes, Wafa Sultan and Yaron Brook. Although the Muslims staged a walkout, those who actually stayed heard a lively discussion on the nature of Islam and its various attempts to terrorize or conquer other cultures into becoming Muslim.

The report by Aaron Hanscomb concludes by saying,
The most chilling warning of the night came when Sultan said that the Council on Islamic-American Relations wants to replace the United State Constitution with Sharia law. A member of CAIR once told her that she is “crossing the red line.” Translation: Very soon you will be beheaded.
Not all the messages Sultan receives however are negative. She talked of many Arabs who support her work behind the scenes and look to the United States for help in guaranteeing their human rights. Since Muslims in the West don’t live under the same oppression, they can’t understand such desperation.
UCLA’s Muslim students might have come closer to gaining this knowledge if they hadn’t stormed out of the event in protest.

Read the whole thing. Hat tip to Power Line.

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