Monday, April 16, 2007

Democrat Priorities

It appears that the new Democratic majority has decided that the government is not bloated enough, it needs an additional Cabinet-level Department of Peace and Nonviolence. Based on the bill (H.R. 808) to establish said department, it appears that the new Department of Peace and Nonviolence would be able to interfere in any and all area of other departments domestically and internationally. To quote Tigerhawk's excellent analysis:
For those looking for a distillation, imagine a governmental agency responsible for advising on non-confrontational foreign policy options, establishing and enforcing new gun control measures, designing school curriculum, establishing and enforcing new legislation governing "hate crimes" and violence against animals, and my favorite, establishing a "Peace Academy," a four-year institution of higher learning modeled on our service academies. (Wait, doesn't the Ivy League already have like six of those?)

Michelle Malkin is slightly more direct. She calls the proposed department the Department of Appeasement and Surrender. Read the whole bill, and decide for yourselves. My immediate reaction- don't we have far more pressing problems (like lots of crazed Muslims trying to kill us or make us into dhimmis)? Hat tip to Tigerhawk via the awesome Michelle Malkin.

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