Tuesday, April 10, 2007

College Aid and Discomfort

College tuition is big business. And in some cases, it appears that business has corrupted the very institutions it is supposed to aid.

The Washington Times reports that financial aid officials at several colleges, including Johns Hopkins University, are tied to widespread conflicts of interest wherein tuition firms funnel money to them, which firms then receive preferential treatment in gaining new clients. Read the whole thing.

This is why college tuition is a disgrace. The government should cease subsidizing all education, and colleges would then have to lower their tuition or go out of business. Based on my own experience, most universitites put their tuition dollars into nice offices for their administrators, while the actual faculty rots in underfunded and ancient classrooms. And don'ty even start me on how the students are treated by said administrations.

it is time to get the cost out of education. Let subsidies cease, and then universities will survive or die based on quality of education, not on inflated tuition.

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