Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virgina Tech

All our sympathy to the victims of yesterday's Virigina Tech massacre. As unlike the New York Times, I am not in favor of using tragedies to make political statements, I merely wish to say that it does appear that the Virginia Tech adminstration needs to be asked some hard questions about their actions to protect their students.

In the meantime, the anti-American moonbats in the European press have decided to blame Charlton Heston for the massacre. Since Virginia Tech is a no-gun zone, and the Legislature just refused to pass a bill allowing VT students to carry if they held a Virigina permit, the question these useless hot air specialists should be asking, is why VT didn't either make more of an effort to make sure that the students were protected or allow them to carry in their own self-defense, which might have saved a few lives. The surest way to create massacres is to disarm the populace. Have the Europeans forgotten the Communist and Nazi plans for mass murder?

In the meantime, courtsey of wanusmaximus, a grad student at Virginia Tech, here is our fluff for the day. He was initially thought by some in the Drive-By Media to be the shooter, but it turns out he is merely a well-armed grad student who wished to make a comment on the Second Amendment rights the liberals are in such a hurry to eradicate. He looked though a site called Hot or Not and found what he characterizes as,
this is kinda wrong but whatever. ok, so i decided to randomly browse through hot or not and i think i nearly died from laughing so hard.... here are the worst of the fob profiles:

For the confused, FOB=fresh off boat. They are pretty easy to spot- look for the inappropriate/incomprehensible English on their T-shirts! Enjoy...

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Anonymous said...

Always amusing to listen to the Europeans lecture us on guns and immigration. The Germans who know a few things about mass murder. The French who pathologically surrender in fear. The British who only speak English today because of American men with guns.