Monday, September 09, 2013

When Democrats Stray...

...the national 'news' media is of course mostly silent. This is hardly news to anyone not living in the Democrat-Media Complex bubble. For example, I was browsing the Web and came across this story in the UK Daily Mail.

To briefly summarize, it seems that once again a member of the Kennedy family of Massachusetts has been unable to control his libido. This is hardly unknown among this clan. JFK, RFK, and Teddy were all serial sexual predators. But it is not my purpose to dwell upon the horrendous history of this worthless clan of hypocritical would-be elitists. Rather, I would draw your attention to an interesting aspect of this story.

To wit, gentle readers, please note that this story is in a British media outlet. Note also that the American 'news' media is still utterly and appallingly silent on this most interesting discovery. Why? Because he's a Democrat. Remember, if you please, how the news media spent months publishing lewd and ridiculous rumors about a Republican Vice-Presidential candidate (Sarah Palin) - but simultaneously couldn't be bothered to report on a fellow Democrat's adulterous affairs while his wife was dying of cancer. I refer, of course, to the man who was once a Democrat candidate for President - John Edwards. His peccadillos were not deemed worthy of coverage - until the National Enquirer, of all sources, finally blew the lid off the scandal.

Let us delve further into the past. I can recall how it was perfectly acceptable to call for President George W. Bush's assassination - in fact, the far-left Hollywood made fantasies where he was in fact, assassinated. The HBO show 'Game of Thrones' actually included his decapitated head as a part of one of their scenes. That was 'art'. And it was eminently respectable to scream and throw shoes and hang him in effigy. Dissent, we were told, was the highest form of patriotism.

With that firmly in mind, imagine, gentle readers, what the headlines would be if this were a Republican. Front page screaming headlines for months, at the very least. Representative Mark Foley was hounded from office over inappropriate texts but his successor Tim Mahoney was allowed to have an adulterous affair and the national 'news' media was silent. Democrats can freely lie (Pelosi/Reid/Obama saying 'It's not a tax!', Obama claiming 'I never made a red line'), whore (Bill Clinton, RFK, Jr, JKF, etc), be former officers of the KKK (Robert Byrd) and even steal while in office (William 'The Refigerator' Jefferson, Alcee 'Impeached Federal Judge' Hastings) without any complaints from the chattering classes. Democrats can even allow US ambassadors to be murdered (Benghazi), conspire to send illegal guns to ostensibly friendly countries (Mexico, Fast & Furious), and even have the IRS, the CIA, and the NSA harass their political opponents and the US press is totally fine with that.

Hat tip to the amazing Instapundit.