Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More Leftist Ignorance

It is no secret that the American Left, including regrettably the vast majority of the Democratic Party, know very little about their own country's military. (And they appear to be equally ignorant regarding the many high points in their country's history as well!) However, it appears that they are so ignorant regarding their countrymen who are actually trying to do somehting to help their country, as opposed to the near-treasonous back-biting that the Left likes to engage in, they aren't even able to recognize American uniforms! This piece of hilarity was exposed by a report posted on Cybercast News Service. When will the Left learn? Hehehe...

Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

Christmas Spin

When the Washington, DC Christmas tree was renamed to the Holiday Tree sometime during the 1990s, the press somehow managed to completely ignore the event. Notwithstanding the long tradition of having a Christmas tree, and the undeniable fact that roughly 75 percent of Americans self-identify as Christian.

However, when the Speaker of the House of Representatives insists on renaming said tree to its traditional name of 'Christmas Tree', somehow that is news-worthy. I wonder how we got to the point where our media is more interested in destroying our cultural traditions than they are in assisting their President in defeating a deadly enemy. Sad, isn't it?

Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More Howling Moonbats

In sharp relief to the statesmanship of Senator Lieberman, there is a sizeable percentage of the American Left that simply doesn't get it.

Ted Turner, supposedly a member of the Fourth Estate, showed his own ignorance and irresponsibility today with his comments that Iraq is no better off since the American overthrow of the Baathist Husseini dictatorship. Turner has long been known as leftist, but this crass defense of an indefensible position shows him to be either an unrepentant totalitarian, or a truly naive 'useful idiot' as Stalin used to characterize the American supporters of Communism. Personally, I lean toward the former- even Turner can't be that ignorant. I think he is upset becasue the United States has removed another of his pet dictatorships. Pretty soon, only dear Fidel will be left for the American Left to idolize. Faster, please.

The Loyal Opposition

Proving that not all Democrats have abandoned the ideal of the loyal opposition practised by the Republicans during World War II, Senator Joe Lieberman gave an object lesson in how to practise the role of wartime opposition to the rest of his party on his return from Iraq today.

According to the Hartford Courant, Senator Lieberman spent two days this week in Iraq talking to Iraqi and American officals and soldiers. He has made four such trips in the past 17 months, and can reasonably be said to be one of the senate's best-informed members on the subjectg. Upon his return, he praised President Bush's strategy and urged the President to make the public aware of the successes in Iraq as a counterbalance to the Mainstream Media's unending drumbeat of negativity.

Kudos to Senator Lieberman, and especially considering the inability of so many of his fellow Democrats to put patriotism above partisan politics. I would remind the Democrats of the principled stand taken by the 1944 Republican candidate Thomas Dewey regarding his refusal to make Pearl harbor a campaign issue: "I would rather lose the presidency and win the war than the reverse." A quick history lesson reminds us that he did lose the Presidency, but his country won the war- decisively. Too bad most of the Democratic Party (with the exception of such patriots as Senator Lieberman) have long since abandoned even the idea of loyalty to country.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Immigration Reform?

Though I did not comment on it, I was aware of the recent story regarding the apparent invasion of Texas by the Mexican Army, which our oh-so-professional MSM have decided to bury as much as possible. Fortunately, Captain Ed Morissey was more professional, and thought that this story deserved to see the light, despite the reluctance of the MSM. However, despite the gloomy state of affairs regarding our borders (or lack thereof), I was heartened today to see that President Bush has finally announced immigration reform.

However, as I read the story, there was plenty to make me apprehensive regarding the Administration's ability to take this illegal infiltration problem seriously. Although the President did seem to embrace more enforcement:

Bush said he does not support amnesty for illegal immigrants, but he does want to give workers a way to earn an honest living doing jobs that other Americans are unwilling to do and issue more green cards.

To me, this seems wrongheaded. mexicans and other nationalities will not quit coming over here until we show that we are actually serious about protecting our borders. No other country has a problem with being very strict regarding their borders, and even Mexico is stricter (though more prone to bribery) than the United States. This is especailly frustrating since the barriers for legal immigration are extremely high. Perhaps we should think about making legal immigration (to those who can prove their bona-fides) easier, whille at the same time making it much harder for these illegals. Hanging out at Home Depots or in other parking lots waiting for work should not be an option for these illegals, and it is past time we make our local officials aware of our anger over their refusal to enforce the laws already on the books. The President might at last be beginning to listen. Hopefully it isn't too late to force our other elected representatives to do the same.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Post

No serious posting today. Let's all be thankful we live in the United States, and let's try to keep it the greatest and most wonderful place in the world to live and bring up the next generation. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, and here's hoping you have as much to be thankful for as do I.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

CNN 'X's Out VP

CNN claims it was a 'technical malfunction' as opposed to 'operator error' that caused a large black X to appear repeatedly over Vice-President Cheney's face during a nationally televised speech last night. However, it has been reported that a control room staffer laughed when the incident occurred, leaving open the possibility that someone within CNN may have deliberately planned it. Being aware of the high level of dislike for the Administration in the media in general and CNN in particular, the idea that soneone at CNN may have planned this occurrence does not seem particularly far-fetched to me.

After all, can anyone imagine this happening to a Democratic Vice-President? Remember how the media fell over themselves to try to cover for former Vice President Al Gore's remarkable claims- even going so fart as to say he was simply 'too smart' for the average American? Despite his absurd claims to have invented the Internet and be the basis for 'Love Story'? Yet the media lept to his defense at the time.

Finally, no one at this blog believes anything CNN says anymore. Remember, this is the same media organization that deliberately kept quiet regarding stories detrimental to Saddam Hussein to protect their own self-interests. Despite their claim to be interested only in presenting news, they seem awfully interested in only presenting news that damages the United States, (or Republicans, when they are in power) it appears to me. It does make one wonder where CNN's loyalties actually lie...

Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Leftist 'Tolerance'

Funny how the Left is so 'tolerant' towards minorities- unless said minorities happen to think differently than the prevailing mode of thought on the Left! The insults leveled at Michelle Malkin and other minority conservatives is appalling. Lieutenant Governor Steele of Maryland has been called an 'Uncle Tom' and worse names and the filth directed at respected journalist and economist Thomas Sowell by these so-called progressives is too disgusting to reprint here.

The Left is so very tolerant- unless your views do not match theirs. They are so very able to be understanding- unless it is THEIR houses that the shelters will be buiolt next to. The Left are the ultimate hypocrites, in my opinion, and until they realize that they are not God's gift, they will continue to have a serious credibility problem, now that their is a counter-press to expose their little lies. But can't they at least conduct a civil conversation? Based on the responses on the Left-leaning blogs so far, it appears that they cannot. They claim to be so very tolerant, but at the first challenge to their ideas, instead of debating in the arena of ideas, they immediately descend into personal attacks and name-calling. This is nothing new- they learned it from the Communists, who have bankrolled and supported themk for so long. But it is a shame that the American people seem to be so easily taken in by this.

There is a wonderful quote by Helen MacInnes regarding the groupthink practiced by so many on the Left. One of her characters in the 1947 book Friends and Lovers says of a Socialist/Communist character quoting from his special newspaper- 'You are as spoon-fed as the old boys in their fat leather chairs at the club- you just get it out of a different bowl." I cannot think of a better picture. Maybe America will wake up in time to hoist these phonies by their own petard. But I doubt it...

Relativism from Chris Matthews...

The Mainstream Media has given us yet another example of their profound ignorance regarding both our opponents in the current war and their own culture. Faced with an example to clearly state the difference between the duties performed by his fellow countryment and countrywomen in the United States armed forces and the cowardly thugs who kill innocent civilians who populate the ranks of militant Islam, CBS' Chris Matthews flunked badly. And what is almost worse, Mr. Matthews doesn't have the courage to state his views in the venue of American public opinion. Instead, like so many of his Leftist cohort, he ran to a country where he was sure hs sentiments wouoldd be met with approval, instead of actually speaking out to his fellow Americans.

Making a speech to a friendly audience at the University of Toronto, Matthews said, "The person on the other side is not evil -- they just have a different perspective." This more than anything shows how badly the mainstream press has lost their bearings. They cannot even clearly identify evil when it comes up and spits in their face.

I ask them- what else can you call an opponent who targets innocents? An enemy who refuses to fight in the open and sneaks around beheading people whose onbly sin was to be born in the wrong religion? An enemy who uses airliners filled with innocent people as a weapon to attack a country that has done more to help Muslims than any other? What else to you call people who have stated their goal is to destroy the world and reconstitute a barbaric medieval Caliphate where only Muslim religious leaders can make decisions? Where women are property and where other religions are allowed to subsist at the mercy (or lack thereof) of the Caliph? And, having seen this 'mercy' in action, can anyone doubt that the Christians and Jews would be wiped out as soonas possible? Islam has always tried to expand by the sword and destroy the religions it faces. Why should we expect that this would be any different?

They can call George W. Bush a fascist and have no problem with that, but when it comes to accurately characterizing the Islamic fanatics who we are fighting, they cannot do it. Once again, the MSM shows that they do not understand the nature of the enemy- and they have so fallen into the partisan wars that they honestly consider their own President a bigger threat than the barbarians who would destgroy our entire world. What happened to their moral clarity? Or did they sell out so long ago that they are no longer able to make the distinction?

This only shows how partisan and biased the media truly is- and why they should not be trusted. Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

11/21/05:1408-UPDATE: Wow. I actually scooped Michelle Malkin on this one! I am in shock....

Monday, November 14, 2005

Googling Media Falsehoods

It appears that, thanks to Tech Central Station, that the Mainstream Media are not very good at executing their jobs.

Now as I understand it, the job of a reporter is to, well, report the facts. Now we all know that the Mainstream Media is completely biased against Republicans in general and George W. Bush in particular. This fact was exposed, if nit wasn't obvious before, by Dan Rather and Mary Mapes' pursuit of the false story of Bush-AWOL. Never mind that Clinton is an admitted draft dodger! That was OK in 1992-1998. Only in 2000 did that suddenly become not OK if the person was a perffectly responsible reservist. By the way, Big Media- George can fly fast fighter planes. Can any of you?In fact can you do anything other than carp at Republican managment of this country and wish your attempts at throwing the last two elections hadn't failed? But I digress....

The Mainstream Media also are fairly clueless regarding the actual substance of the stroies the public relies on them to report. Case in point is the TV "technology reporter" on a California local television station who was talking about one of the company Logitech's products. THis ignoramous, after taking the anchor through a fairly accurate description of the product in questsion, then fatuously identified the underlying wireless technology known as Bluetooth as being 'made by a company called Bluetooth'! This had me rolling on the floor laughing at her appalling ignorance and clear lack of research.

However, it appears that so-called reporters who work for big news purveyors are not much better. The current campaign amongst the media elite and their friends in the Democratic Party and on the Left is that Bush Lied in order to get us into war. However, if you do a Google search on three little words- 'Clinton Iraq 1998', you will discover links to all sorts of articles printed BY THE NEWS MEDIA that disproves their entire thesis.

Read the whole thing. Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

What are We Fighting For?

I received an email from a friend today, pointing me towards the subject of today's post. Normally, I take these forwarded email commentaries with a large grain of salt, as their is a lot of forgery possible with today's technology- ask Dan Rather! However, I found the source for this one, so I in turn am pointing you towards it to read for yourselves.

A retired Major general, Vernon Chong of the United States Air Force wrote an article for the magazine eco-logic Powerhouse on October 1, 2005, regarding the war and what it would mean if we lose it. And yes, Virginia, this is a war. Regardless of what our liberal neighbors want to think, this is a war. Only their ignorance and blind hatred of the President have so far made them unable to recognize it. However, as much as I regard them with contempt, i cannot wish that we lose so that they discover first-hand what life under sharia is like. They will be the first to die, since it is their agenda that is most anathemous to the Muslims they so love to praise!

However, that is neither here nor there. General Chong spelled out the situation and its causes very concisely. And one of the things that the General wrote was as follows:

If we lose the war, our production, income, exports, and way of life will all vanish, as we know it. After losing, who would trade or deal with us, if they were threatened by the Muslims?

If we can't stop the Muslims, how could anyone else?

The Muslims fully know what is riding on this war, and therefore, are completely committed to winning, at any cost. We better know it too, and be likewise committed to winning at any cost.

There is much, much more. Major General Chong does not accuse the liberals and their friends in the Press of disloyaty and treason, though I think that is exactly what they are doing, spurred by their hatred of Republicans and conservatives. They consider George Bush a greater threat than Osama Bin Laden. Their mistake. It is not George Bush who will behead them when they wish to protest that pornography is protected. It is not George Bush who will marry off their daughters without their permission, then rape and execute them for 'shaming the family'. It is Muslim extremists. When will the United States wake up? It took the attack on Pearl Harbor to wake us out of our post-World War I sleep. What will it take this time? A Muslim imam dictacting our rights under sharia from the steps of the Supreme Court?

Read the whole thing and make up your own mind.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

More From The 'Religion of Peace'

The so-called mainstream media really likes to emphasize that Islam is a religion of peace. Well, OK. Maybe they have changed their spots since their origin in as a blood-soaked, misogynous, hate-filled culture that has historically spread by destroying other cultures and converting the people at the edge of a sword. This stands in stark contrast to most of the world's other major religions, few of which match Islam's ferocity and desire to spread by the sword- at least not recently.

Neither Christianity nor Judaism has been known as a top-down religion, and neither has ever made a concentrated effort to control the world by sword, though both have had edisodes where individuals or single states undertook imperial endeavors under the name of God. However, at no time did the entire Christian world, urged on by the organs of the united Christian Church attempt to conquer the rfest of the world and convert it to Christianity.

You may bring up the Crusdaes. I remind you first that not all Christians participated (the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Byzantine Empire throughout remained in a position of watchful neutrality) and second that the forces of Europe did not unite under the leadership of the Pope- very much different from the warrior imams who preach holy crusade to Islam throughout history. And I will also remind the reader that the Crusades were specifically a reaction to the Muslim destruction of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and in general a reaction to protect fellow Christians against the cruel treatment of non-Muslim pilgrims- they did not originate in a vacuum.

I biring up this history lesson because Al Quaeda (an organization that is covertly supported and cheered on by a large percentage of the world's Muslim population) today declared Queen Elizabeth II of England an 'enemy of Islam'. Since the Queen, despite her titular position as the Head of the Church of England is one of the most secular (and constitutional) monarchs in the world, I fail to see what she has done to be an 'enemy of Islam' other than by her existence and choice of religion. This declaration should clearly show that al Quaeda (remember- they are supported and cheered on by a sizable percentage of the world's Muslim population) are still trying to accomplish the goal that they have aimed at since the sixth century AD- destroy all religions and peoples other than those of Islam.

Still think Islam is a 'religion of peace'? I don't wish to live the life of a dhimmi- still less do I wish to subordinate myself to a religion such as Islam. And remember that dhimmis are only memmbers of 'officially tolerated non-Muslim religions- something that only Muslims can decide- not the dhimmis. I find I have a lack of faith in Islam's ability to keep any promises relating to non-Muslims status under sharia. So I'll keep my weapons sharp for these followers of the 'religion of peace'. And continue to expose the cowardly and ignorant 'journalists' who are so industrious in advancing this false dictum. I understand why politicians must mouth this drivel- but for journalists to do it speaks either or fear to write the truth or mountainous ignorance both of Islam and of their own culture.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Election Results

So I observe that all of Governor Schwarzenegger's pet initiatives in California went down to defeat last night. That is too bad. The one-party state in the People's Republic of California badly needed a shake-up, and these initiatives were a step in the right direction. Since I do not believe all the information is in, I will reserve judgement, but I believe that California is herading in a direction tat does not bode well for its future. Every state that has gone the big-government, high-tax route in the past (see New York, Massachusetts, etc) has suffered repercussions, and California is no different, in my opinion. So now the people of California have spoken. But it is still a crying shame.

in other news, it appears that the Democratic Party made some gains, winning the governorships in Virginia and New Jersey. No surprise in New Jersey, but I believe that Virginia can be laid at the feet of the MSM, who have done their best to downplay the Bush administration's accomplishments, and have made destroying his Presidency their number-one goal since he first won election in 2000. The media need to be reined in. I don't know what we can do to convince them that their job is objective reporting (unless they clearly identify their biases), but the current propaganda disguised as news attitude in most major newsrooms is unacceptable. The Press' job is to honestly report- not to work as the Goebbels Ministry in support of the Democratic Party. When will the American people wake up and realize just how corrupt the media really is?

The only bright spot in the day yesterday was the Texas population's rebuke to activist judges, taking the power to define marriage out of the Judiciary's hands by adding a state constitutional amendment making gay 'marriage' illegal. Not that I have anything against the gay movement, but I do believe that the people (or their elected representatives), and not a bunch of unelected judges, should make decisions of this magnitude.

Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Does Lightning Strike Twice?

Maybe it does in the world of personal computing. It is clear that the behemoth of Redmond has won the overall operating system war, with a virtual monopoly on the operating systems of the world's PCs. However, Apple, despite its failure to win the intial battle, may be sneaking back in. As Paul Andrews, a columnist for the Seattle Times writes today regarding the Windows-to-Mac switching,

How much switching is going on? Commenting on Microsoft's recent quarterly earnings report, some analysts speculated the Redmond giant might be losing market share to Apple.

This would be a Good Thing. We are all aware of Microsoft's predatory business practices and almost insatiable deisre to win over all users, whatever their OS so as to be unchallenged. On that note, I was saddened to hear the announcement of a Windows-based Treo OS. THis led to the realization that Palm Computing has lost the PDA wars to Microsoft as well, though I predicted such a result when I worked for Palm some years ago. Palm simply didn't have the management vision and were too obsessed with bottom line to beat the Gates machine. Perhaps they may stage an Apple-like resurgeance as well, but I think it is unlikely. Palm squandered their once-impressive lead in the PDA market and their management was always too pedantic even to realize what kind of product they were trying to sell.

Microsoft has made themselves many enemies, though, despite their virtually unchallenged dominance of the corporate PC market. Their multitudinous security hoels have spawned an entirely new industry, and their injudicious pricing and lack of response to their customers have led alternatives such as Linux, despite its unfriendly interface, to become viable threats to the monpoly- especially on the server side of things. And Apple itself, with its powerful and far more intuitive interface, has made huge strides in reliability and pricing- once the bane of the Apple faithful. Then there has been Microsoft's inability to match Apple's innovation. The new Windows OS, intended to replace XP and codenamed Longhorn, has been promised (in other words, has been in vaporware mode) since at least 2000, while Apple has made OSX into what it was always promised to be- a truly robust and powerful operating system.

On a historical note, since we are speaking of Apple's once-endemic quality problems, I remember the troubled and overpriced 5300 PowerBooks and Performas of the late 1990s with a shudder. My own reliable PowerBook 180c was finally retired from its place as my server (running KanjiTalk 7.5.3 with AppleShare Server 3.0- yes I am a geek) to a well-deserved place in my PowerBook Museum, replaced first by the marvelous Pismo (PowerBook G3 Firewire) and then by the 12-inch PowerBook G4 and the Mac Mini on which I am writing this piece as I speak.

So keep on switching, PC-users. Keep on switching to the Mac. Think Different, remember? It's 1984 all over again! And maybe...just maybe lightning DOES strike twice.

Border Security

When ladies who ought to be enjoying their privacy (and their grandchildren) at home are forced to stand guard at the border because their elected representatives are too cowardly to stand up for their constituents as opposed to a group of illegal aliens who have a loud-mouthed lobby, then things have truly gone the wrong way in this great country of ours.

It is every country's right to police its own sovereign borders. It is every country's right to determine for itself what kind and how many immigrants shall be admitted, without blustering threats from incompetent neighboring politicians. And we have a clear and present warning of the dangers inherent in surrendering to the multicultural, illegal-alien lobby in the French riots. Yet, the United States still doesn't seem to understand the stakes.

The Washington Times reported today that down on the US/Mexican border, that the so-called 'Granny Brigade', is working the border due to the inattention and uncaring attitude taken by their own elected representatives in Washington as well as the state capitols. One of them, a naturalized American citizen, made what is probably the best case. She noted the unfairness of forcing legal immigrants to go through the convoluted processes preferred by the INS, while illegal aliens are allowed to break the law and are then rewarded by amnesties.

Speaking as one married to a legal immigrant, and having been through the legalization process, I complteely agree. Why are we penalizing our legal immigrants, who quite often come with skills we can use, in favor of people who don't even respect us enough to obey our laws? Despite the noisy shouts of the multiculturalist lobby, there is a huge difference between legal and illegal immigration. Check the words 'legal' versus 'illegal'. And when will Washington and the affected local and state governments wake up? When San Francisco or Los Angeles erupts into the kind of riots that Paris is dealing with now? When the Hispanic version of the KKK (MECHA) declares open warfare on all those not in 'La Raza' in their bid to establish their Azatlan Empire pipe-dream? Hopefully, we will wake up before that comes to pass. Are you listening, Washington?

More Plagiarism From the Left...

Democrats have a long history of plagiarism, forgery and other dirty tricks. Joseph Bottum, the Books and Arts editor for the The Weekly Standard proved conclusively in 2004 that Lawrence Tribe, a frequent Democratic apologist and leading intellectual light on the Left, plagiarized a good part of his 1985 book God Save This Honorable Court from the earlier work Justices and Presidents by Henry Abraham. Another Harvard Law professor, Charles Ogletree, who was one of Anita Hill's lawyers during the Clarence Thomas hearings, recently admitted that he also plagiarized a number of paragraphs in his recent book All Deliberate Speed. And of course it has been known for some time that Martin Luther King, one of the Democratic Party's icons, plagiarized a good portion of his undergraduate and graduate works, including his doctoral dissertation! If you are in doubt, more evidence can be found at the Martin Luther King Plagiarism Page.

On the forgery side, who can forget Dan Rather and Mary Mapes' attempt to destroy President Bush's re-election using forged papers? Despite the obvious non-authenticity of the papers they came up with- and despite Mapes' five-year search for a way to destroy Bush (gee- can anyone imagine a media organization allowing one of their 'news'persons to spend five years looking for a documents that would aid a story making a Democrat look less-than-stellar???), Rather and Mapes are still in 'fake-but-accurate' denial.

And on the general dirty tricks side, the Democrats have long been known as the machine party- a party whose Illinois/Cook County organization stole the 1960 Presidential election from Richard Nixon, and whose operatives are currently in court responding to allegations of vandalism that may have been one of the many Democratic plans to keep Republicans from vvoting in 2004. In addition, there were also many documented instances of Democratic illegal vote-gathering and intimidation in the last Presidential election.

Now comes new evidence of the appalling lack of ethics on the Democratic side of the aisle. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that a letter regarding the impending confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito sent by Representative Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) to Senator Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) was plagiarized almost entirely from a blogger named Nathan Newman. This kind of behavior would have gotten a university student dismissed in my day. Hopefully there will be some kind of electoral retribution for the politician in question.

However, we are talking about Democrats. As the party of totalitarianism (based on their well-documented support for Stalin, Mao, the Taliban, Saddam Hussein, and Kim Jong Il) they have learned well the totalitarian adage first propagated by Adolf Hitler that "people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one". The quote is taken from a wartime report prepared by the US Office of Strategic Services (OSS), courtesy of Wikipedia. And because Democrats are the party whose ends justify the means, I suppose we should not expect any such retribution- at least not from thier party drones. We can only hope that the majority of the electorate can see past their spoken words of honey to the hypocrisy at their cores. After all, when you are a Democrat/Leftist, whose superior intellect mustn't be denied its chance to lead the little people, anything is fair in pursuit of winning over those same little people whose votes you so badly need. Isn't it?

Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Hanson on Europe

One of my favorite former professors, Dr. Victor Davis Hanson, a specialist in ancient military history, with whom I was fortunate enough to study during my undergraduate years at California State University, Fresno, was on Hugh Hewitt's radio show earlier this evening talking about the European riots, and providing context, for those who are not too enamored of the socialist nightmare that Europe has become. He had himself just returned from the Continent, and spent an evening in Paris prior to returning to the United States.

For those who may be unaware of Professor Hanson, he is a renowned expert on the ancient culture of Classical Greece, with particular expertise in the Peloponnesian War (431-402 BC) between the rival city-states of Athens and Sparta. In addition to his sterling academic credentials, Dr. Hanson is also a working farmer in the Central Valley of California, with a keen understanding of the problems faced by family farms in today's era. He has published extensively, and has garnered a well-deserved reputation as an expert on contemporary political and military affairs as well.

The full transcript of Dr. Hanson's talk is posted on the fine Radioblogger site for your perusal. I highly recommend that you go over there and read the whole thing. Professor Hanson's commentary on current affairs can also be found on a weekly basis at National Review Online, and also on his own site, VDH's Private Papers.

Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds.

Chinese Entrepreneurship

I observe that Chinese government control on entrepreneurship apparently knows very few bounds. Breitbart News reported today that apparently a Chinese company has been shut down for selling land on the Moon! I seem to recall that there is at least one other company doing the same thing, that has encountered no governmental opposition from our own government (despite the 'fascist' Administration of George W. Bush), but apparently the Communist Chinese government doesn't want private companies selling land that the Chinese government might one day want for itself.

On the other hand, Chinese economic progress- especially in the development of military systems- apparently is still dependent on stealing secrets from other countries. As reported by The Washington Times, four people were arrested in Los Angeles and charged with stealing military secrets from the United States. Apparently all the secrets Bill Clinton's Administration gave China weren't enough. Hmm, I wonder what China could possibly want with those high-tech weapons systems? And their burgeoning and highly government-subsidized space program? Maybe they have designs on the Moon? Does make one think, does it not?

In any event, these events would seem to indicate that our Intelligence services should probably be keeping a close eye on China, despite the bleatings of our cowardly Liberal Left and their naive and suicidal belief that if America just unilaterally disarms, so will everyone else. I wonder if Tibet or Taiwan would agree with that assessment. And I wonder if the current anti-war movement, like those in the Cold War, is also financed (at least partially) by the Communists?

Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Isn't It Interesting...

...that when a fringe group of so-called 'Christians' spark a massacre in a southwestern Texas town, the press is quick to publicize their religion as Christianity. If a well-known Christian minister vocalizes some comtroversial sentiments the international Press immediately points to his religious affiliation. The MSM almost never has anything positive to say about Christians in general and expecially Christian conservatives.

However, when a major Muslim holiday (Ramadan) ends and mostly Muslim immigrants riot for two weeks (so far) in the suburbs of Paris, the Press is extremely reluctant to admit their religion, even though a reading of the article in question provides plenty of evidence as to their religion as being Islam. When Christian schoolgirls are brutally murdered in a 50% Christian province in Indonesia, the Press does everything possible to ignore the religion of the attackers- despite the clear evidence in their own article that the attackers are almost certainly Muslim. And when a pair of black Americans go on a shooting rampage, and one of them has converted to Islam and has a Muslim name John Muhammed, the Press once again tries to downplay the Islamic connection as much as possible. The MSM even tried to whip up sympathy for the spoiled Marin County rich-kid brat John Walker Lindh, who managed to get himself arrested in Afghanistan and should have been executed for treason.

I touched on this in a post a few days ago. Why won't the Press admit that their much-advertised image of Islam as a "religion of peace" is both historically and currently an untrue representation of this warlike, backward and highly expansionist religion? Why doesn't the Press publicize the brutalities of Muslims towards Christians and their own as much as they do Christians or Jews?

Do you disbelieve me regarding the supposed brutality of our Middle Eastern foes? The perhaps you might want to see the Middle East Chronicles courtesy of Victor Davis Hanson's Private Papers. Then ask yourself why the Press appears to want to propagate falsehoods, while simultaneously and publicly supporting those who are doing their best to suppress Christianity? Just curious...

1720 UPDATE: I had not had a chance to check the blogosphere today, and just noticed that Captain's Quarters had posted on this at 0459 AM this morning, therefore, a very belated hat tip to Captain Ed Morrissey.

Press Bullying

Posting has been kind of light this week due to business and personal commitments. However, I noticed that the Press, depsite their public claims to be just one of the folks, still think that they can do things that an ordinary person cannot.

According to Matt Drudge, Judge Alito's 90-year-old mother is being harassed by legions of press personnel in attempts to gain interviews. It seems to me that Judge Alito's mother, who is by no stretch of the imagination a public person, might want to have recourse to legal assistance.

The press definitely should not have a dispensation to harass and otherwise torture ordinary people just becasue they might be related to someone who may be in the news. Judge Altio himself meets the definition of news-worthy and is a public person - after all, he is being proposed for a very important position. His mother is not. Why do reporters think that laws against harassment do not apply to them? Maybe we need to re-think what privileges reporters should have vis-a-vis other ordinary citizens. And these are the same people who are pressing for more special privileges in the form of a shield law????

Via the Drudge Report.