Monday, November 21, 2005

Leftist 'Tolerance'

Funny how the Left is so 'tolerant' towards minorities- unless said minorities happen to think differently than the prevailing mode of thought on the Left! The insults leveled at Michelle Malkin and other minority conservatives is appalling. Lieutenant Governor Steele of Maryland has been called an 'Uncle Tom' and worse names and the filth directed at respected journalist and economist Thomas Sowell by these so-called progressives is too disgusting to reprint here.

The Left is so very tolerant- unless your views do not match theirs. They are so very able to be understanding- unless it is THEIR houses that the shelters will be buiolt next to. The Left are the ultimate hypocrites, in my opinion, and until they realize that they are not God's gift, they will continue to have a serious credibility problem, now that their is a counter-press to expose their little lies. But can't they at least conduct a civil conversation? Based on the responses on the Left-leaning blogs so far, it appears that they cannot. They claim to be so very tolerant, but at the first challenge to their ideas, instead of debating in the arena of ideas, they immediately descend into personal attacks and name-calling. This is nothing new- they learned it from the Communists, who have bankrolled and supported themk for so long. But it is a shame that the American people seem to be so easily taken in by this.

There is a wonderful quote by Helen MacInnes regarding the groupthink practiced by so many on the Left. One of her characters in the 1947 book Friends and Lovers says of a Socialist/Communist character quoting from his special newspaper- 'You are as spoon-fed as the old boys in their fat leather chairs at the club- you just get it out of a different bowl." I cannot think of a better picture. Maybe America will wake up in time to hoist these phonies by their own petard. But I doubt it...

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