Monday, November 14, 2005

Googling Media Falsehoods

It appears that, thanks to Tech Central Station, that the Mainstream Media are not very good at executing their jobs.

Now as I understand it, the job of a reporter is to, well, report the facts. Now we all know that the Mainstream Media is completely biased against Republicans in general and George W. Bush in particular. This fact was exposed, if nit wasn't obvious before, by Dan Rather and Mary Mapes' pursuit of the false story of Bush-AWOL. Never mind that Clinton is an admitted draft dodger! That was OK in 1992-1998. Only in 2000 did that suddenly become not OK if the person was a perffectly responsible reservist. By the way, Big Media- George can fly fast fighter planes. Can any of you?In fact can you do anything other than carp at Republican managment of this country and wish your attempts at throwing the last two elections hadn't failed? But I digress....

The Mainstream Media also are fairly clueless regarding the actual substance of the stroies the public relies on them to report. Case in point is the TV "technology reporter" on a California local television station who was talking about one of the company Logitech's products. THis ignoramous, after taking the anchor through a fairly accurate description of the product in questsion, then fatuously identified the underlying wireless technology known as Bluetooth as being 'made by a company called Bluetooth'! This had me rolling on the floor laughing at her appalling ignorance and clear lack of research.

However, it appears that so-called reporters who work for big news purveyors are not much better. The current campaign amongst the media elite and their friends in the Democratic Party and on the Left is that Bush Lied in order to get us into war. However, if you do a Google search on three little words- 'Clinton Iraq 1998', you will discover links to all sorts of articles printed BY THE NEWS MEDIA that disproves their entire thesis.

Read the whole thing. Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds.

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