Saturday, November 12, 2005

More From The 'Religion of Peace'

The so-called mainstream media really likes to emphasize that Islam is a religion of peace. Well, OK. Maybe they have changed their spots since their origin in as a blood-soaked, misogynous, hate-filled culture that has historically spread by destroying other cultures and converting the people at the edge of a sword. This stands in stark contrast to most of the world's other major religions, few of which match Islam's ferocity and desire to spread by the sword- at least not recently.

Neither Christianity nor Judaism has been known as a top-down religion, and neither has ever made a concentrated effort to control the world by sword, though both have had edisodes where individuals or single states undertook imperial endeavors under the name of God. However, at no time did the entire Christian world, urged on by the organs of the united Christian Church attempt to conquer the rfest of the world and convert it to Christianity.

You may bring up the Crusdaes. I remind you first that not all Christians participated (the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Byzantine Empire throughout remained in a position of watchful neutrality) and second that the forces of Europe did not unite under the leadership of the Pope- very much different from the warrior imams who preach holy crusade to Islam throughout history. And I will also remind the reader that the Crusades were specifically a reaction to the Muslim destruction of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and in general a reaction to protect fellow Christians against the cruel treatment of non-Muslim pilgrims- they did not originate in a vacuum.

I biring up this history lesson because Al Quaeda (an organization that is covertly supported and cheered on by a large percentage of the world's Muslim population) today declared Queen Elizabeth II of England an 'enemy of Islam'. Since the Queen, despite her titular position as the Head of the Church of England is one of the most secular (and constitutional) monarchs in the world, I fail to see what she has done to be an 'enemy of Islam' other than by her existence and choice of religion. This declaration should clearly show that al Quaeda (remember- they are supported and cheered on by a sizable percentage of the world's Muslim population) are still trying to accomplish the goal that they have aimed at since the sixth century AD- destroy all religions and peoples other than those of Islam.

Still think Islam is a 'religion of peace'? I don't wish to live the life of a dhimmi- still less do I wish to subordinate myself to a religion such as Islam. And remember that dhimmis are only memmbers of 'officially tolerated non-Muslim religions- something that only Muslims can decide- not the dhimmis. I find I have a lack of faith in Islam's ability to keep any promises relating to non-Muslims status under sharia. So I'll keep my weapons sharp for these followers of the 'religion of peace'. And continue to expose the cowardly and ignorant 'journalists' who are so industrious in advancing this false dictum. I understand why politicians must mouth this drivel- but for journalists to do it speaks either or fear to write the truth or mountainous ignorance both of Islam and of their own culture.

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