Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More Howling Moonbats

In sharp relief to the statesmanship of Senator Lieberman, there is a sizeable percentage of the American Left that simply doesn't get it.

Ted Turner, supposedly a member of the Fourth Estate, showed his own ignorance and irresponsibility today with his comments that Iraq is no better off since the American overthrow of the Baathist Husseini dictatorship. Turner has long been known as leftist, but this crass defense of an indefensible position shows him to be either an unrepentant totalitarian, or a truly naive 'useful idiot' as Stalin used to characterize the American supporters of Communism. Personally, I lean toward the former- even Turner can't be that ignorant. I think he is upset becasue the United States has removed another of his pet dictatorships. Pretty soon, only dear Fidel will be left for the American Left to idolize. Faster, please.

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