Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Border Security

When ladies who ought to be enjoying their privacy (and their grandchildren) at home are forced to stand guard at the border because their elected representatives are too cowardly to stand up for their constituents as opposed to a group of illegal aliens who have a loud-mouthed lobby, then things have truly gone the wrong way in this great country of ours.

It is every country's right to police its own sovereign borders. It is every country's right to determine for itself what kind and how many immigrants shall be admitted, without blustering threats from incompetent neighboring politicians. And we have a clear and present warning of the dangers inherent in surrendering to the multicultural, illegal-alien lobby in the French riots. Yet, the United States still doesn't seem to understand the stakes.

The Washington Times reported today that down on the US/Mexican border, that the so-called 'Granny Brigade', is working the border due to the inattention and uncaring attitude taken by their own elected representatives in Washington as well as the state capitols. One of them, a naturalized American citizen, made what is probably the best case. She noted the unfairness of forcing legal immigrants to go through the convoluted processes preferred by the INS, while illegal aliens are allowed to break the law and are then rewarded by amnesties.

Speaking as one married to a legal immigrant, and having been through the legalization process, I complteely agree. Why are we penalizing our legal immigrants, who quite often come with skills we can use, in favor of people who don't even respect us enough to obey our laws? Despite the noisy shouts of the multiculturalist lobby, there is a huge difference between legal and illegal immigration. Check the words 'legal' versus 'illegal'. And when will Washington and the affected local and state governments wake up? When San Francisco or Los Angeles erupts into the kind of riots that Paris is dealing with now? When the Hispanic version of the KKK (MECHA) declares open warfare on all those not in 'La Raza' in their bid to establish their Azatlan Empire pipe-dream? Hopefully, we will wake up before that comes to pass. Are you listening, Washington?

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