Friday, November 04, 2005

Isn't It Interesting...

...that when a fringe group of so-called 'Christians' spark a massacre in a southwestern Texas town, the press is quick to publicize their religion as Christianity. If a well-known Christian minister vocalizes some comtroversial sentiments the international Press immediately points to his religious affiliation. The MSM almost never has anything positive to say about Christians in general and expecially Christian conservatives.

However, when a major Muslim holiday (Ramadan) ends and mostly Muslim immigrants riot for two weeks (so far) in the suburbs of Paris, the Press is extremely reluctant to admit their religion, even though a reading of the article in question provides plenty of evidence as to their religion as being Islam. When Christian schoolgirls are brutally murdered in a 50% Christian province in Indonesia, the Press does everything possible to ignore the religion of the attackers- despite the clear evidence in their own article that the attackers are almost certainly Muslim. And when a pair of black Americans go on a shooting rampage, and one of them has converted to Islam and has a Muslim name John Muhammed, the Press once again tries to downplay the Islamic connection as much as possible. The MSM even tried to whip up sympathy for the spoiled Marin County rich-kid brat John Walker Lindh, who managed to get himself arrested in Afghanistan and should have been executed for treason.

I touched on this in a post a few days ago. Why won't the Press admit that their much-advertised image of Islam as a "religion of peace" is both historically and currently an untrue representation of this warlike, backward and highly expansionist religion? Why doesn't the Press publicize the brutalities of Muslims towards Christians and their own as much as they do Christians or Jews?

Do you disbelieve me regarding the supposed brutality of our Middle Eastern foes? The perhaps you might want to see the Middle East Chronicles courtesy of Victor Davis Hanson's Private Papers. Then ask yourself why the Press appears to want to propagate falsehoods, while simultaneously and publicly supporting those who are doing their best to suppress Christianity? Just curious...

1720 UPDATE: I had not had a chance to check the blogosphere today, and just noticed that Captain's Quarters had posted on this at 0459 AM this morning, therefore, a very belated hat tip to Captain Ed Morrissey.

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