Monday, November 28, 2005

Immigration Reform?

Though I did not comment on it, I was aware of the recent story regarding the apparent invasion of Texas by the Mexican Army, which our oh-so-professional MSM have decided to bury as much as possible. Fortunately, Captain Ed Morissey was more professional, and thought that this story deserved to see the light, despite the reluctance of the MSM. However, despite the gloomy state of affairs regarding our borders (or lack thereof), I was heartened today to see that President Bush has finally announced immigration reform.

However, as I read the story, there was plenty to make me apprehensive regarding the Administration's ability to take this illegal infiltration problem seriously. Although the President did seem to embrace more enforcement:

Bush said he does not support amnesty for illegal immigrants, but he does want to give workers a way to earn an honest living doing jobs that other Americans are unwilling to do and issue more green cards.

To me, this seems wrongheaded. mexicans and other nationalities will not quit coming over here until we show that we are actually serious about protecting our borders. No other country has a problem with being very strict regarding their borders, and even Mexico is stricter (though more prone to bribery) than the United States. This is especailly frustrating since the barriers for legal immigration are extremely high. Perhaps we should think about making legal immigration (to those who can prove their bona-fides) easier, whille at the same time making it much harder for these illegals. Hanging out at Home Depots or in other parking lots waiting for work should not be an option for these illegals, and it is past time we make our local officials aware of our anger over their refusal to enforce the laws already on the books. The President might at last be beginning to listen. Hopefully it isn't too late to force our other elected representatives to do the same.

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