Tuesday, November 22, 2005

CNN 'X's Out VP

CNN claims it was a 'technical malfunction' as opposed to 'operator error' that caused a large black X to appear repeatedly over Vice-President Cheney's face during a nationally televised speech last night. However, it has been reported that a control room staffer laughed when the incident occurred, leaving open the possibility that someone within CNN may have deliberately planned it. Being aware of the high level of dislike for the Administration in the media in general and CNN in particular, the idea that soneone at CNN may have planned this occurrence does not seem particularly far-fetched to me.

After all, can anyone imagine this happening to a Democratic Vice-President? Remember how the media fell over themselves to try to cover for former Vice President Al Gore's remarkable claims- even going so fart as to say he was simply 'too smart' for the average American? Despite his absurd claims to have invented the Internet and be the basis for 'Love Story'? Yet the media lept to his defense at the time.

Finally, no one at this blog believes anything CNN says anymore. Remember, this is the same media organization that deliberately kept quiet regarding stories detrimental to Saddam Hussein to protect their own self-interests. Despite their claim to be interested only in presenting news, they seem awfully interested in only presenting news that damages the United States, (or Republicans, when they are in power) it appears to me. It does make one wonder where CNN's loyalties actually lie...

Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

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