Monday, November 21, 2005

Relativism from Chris Matthews...

The Mainstream Media has given us yet another example of their profound ignorance regarding both our opponents in the current war and their own culture. Faced with an example to clearly state the difference between the duties performed by his fellow countryment and countrywomen in the United States armed forces and the cowardly thugs who kill innocent civilians who populate the ranks of militant Islam, CBS' Chris Matthews flunked badly. And what is almost worse, Mr. Matthews doesn't have the courage to state his views in the venue of American public opinion. Instead, like so many of his Leftist cohort, he ran to a country where he was sure hs sentiments wouoldd be met with approval, instead of actually speaking out to his fellow Americans.

Making a speech to a friendly audience at the University of Toronto, Matthews said, "The person on the other side is not evil -- they just have a different perspective." This more than anything shows how badly the mainstream press has lost their bearings. They cannot even clearly identify evil when it comes up and spits in their face.

I ask them- what else can you call an opponent who targets innocents? An enemy who refuses to fight in the open and sneaks around beheading people whose onbly sin was to be born in the wrong religion? An enemy who uses airliners filled with innocent people as a weapon to attack a country that has done more to help Muslims than any other? What else to you call people who have stated their goal is to destroy the world and reconstitute a barbaric medieval Caliphate where only Muslim religious leaders can make decisions? Where women are property and where other religions are allowed to subsist at the mercy (or lack thereof) of the Caliph? And, having seen this 'mercy' in action, can anyone doubt that the Christians and Jews would be wiped out as soonas possible? Islam has always tried to expand by the sword and destroy the religions it faces. Why should we expect that this would be any different?

They can call George W. Bush a fascist and have no problem with that, but when it comes to accurately characterizing the Islamic fanatics who we are fighting, they cannot do it. Once again, the MSM shows that they do not understand the nature of the enemy- and they have so fallen into the partisan wars that they honestly consider their own President a bigger threat than the barbarians who would destgroy our entire world. What happened to their moral clarity? Or did they sell out so long ago that they are no longer able to make the distinction?

This only shows how partisan and biased the media truly is- and why they should not be trusted. Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

11/21/05:1408-UPDATE: Wow. I actually scooped Michelle Malkin on this one! I am in shock....

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