Monday, November 07, 2005

Chinese Entrepreneurship

I observe that Chinese government control on entrepreneurship apparently knows very few bounds. Breitbart News reported today that apparently a Chinese company has been shut down for selling land on the Moon! I seem to recall that there is at least one other company doing the same thing, that has encountered no governmental opposition from our own government (despite the 'fascist' Administration of George W. Bush), but apparently the Communist Chinese government doesn't want private companies selling land that the Chinese government might one day want for itself.

On the other hand, Chinese economic progress- especially in the development of military systems- apparently is still dependent on stealing secrets from other countries. As reported by The Washington Times, four people were arrested in Los Angeles and charged with stealing military secrets from the United States. Apparently all the secrets Bill Clinton's Administration gave China weren't enough. Hmm, I wonder what China could possibly want with those high-tech weapons systems? And their burgeoning and highly government-subsidized space program? Maybe they have designs on the Moon? Does make one think, does it not?

In any event, these events would seem to indicate that our Intelligence services should probably be keeping a close eye on China, despite the bleatings of our cowardly Liberal Left and their naive and suicidal belief that if America just unilaterally disarms, so will everyone else. I wonder if Tibet or Taiwan would agree with that assessment. And I wonder if the current anti-war movement, like those in the Cold War, is also financed (at least partially) by the Communists?

Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

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