Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Disloyal Opposition

When the Left claims to 'support the troops but not the mission', when the Left accuses their opponents of questioning their patriotism when Americans question their actual support for their own country, we have been increasingly cynical regarding their hypocritical and self-serving partisan protests. However, a new website seems to indicate that said questioning of the Left's patriotism is not only justified, but mandatory for those of us who actually believe in defending our country from violent and undemocratic revolutionaries such as those named below. The following organizations I hereby declare, based on their own words and deeds, to be anti-American and unpatriotic:

Code Pink
Communist Party of America
People for the American Way
Amnesty International
Human RIghts Watch
American Civil Liberties Union

...and of course- the United Nations.

There are other groups, but these stand out to me, as they have long been in the forefront of the attempt to take American away from Americans who believe differently from them. They hold patriotism, religion, duty, honor and loyalty in low regard, and worship only power and ideology- an ideology that a small minority of Americans actually share.

These groups stand condemned out of their own mouths, as their willing presence on the steering committee of an organization called United for Peace and Justice demonstrates. I think it is put best by the admirable Captain Ed:
Freedom of speech and assembly are the closest we come to unfettered rights in the United States; we do not tolerate limits on either unless necessary for keeping the peace. However, one of the limitations accepted by almost everyone is a ban on overthrowing the elected government through force, both in action and in rhetoric. The rally being organized by the group United For Peace And Justice appears to approach that limitation, if it doesn't actually cross it entirely

I agree. This UFPJ, and the groups who asssociate with it, have branded themselves traitors to the United States of America. As they themselves say:

Storm the White House
Multi-Day Event, Beginning March 15, come when you can and stay as long as you can - we are taking over the White House until they leave.
Wednesday, March 15th 2006 12:00 AM
Washington, DC USA

TAKE THE WHITE HOUSE BY STORM - Stop Genocide, Torture and Occupation

U.N. SOS - We need your help to end the reign of international criminals.

It is our duty and the duty of the United Nations to rescue the people of the world from the U.S. dictators. Murder for occupation and theft of land is illegal. Murder of journalists is criminal. Remove the traitors who have stolen the U.S. budget and used it to commit international crimes against humanity.

Forgive me if I find it hard to take their complaints seriously. These were the people and organizations who were silent when the Nazis were killing innocent Jews (until the Soviet Union was attacked). They were silent in the face of the Chinese and Soviet Communist massacres. They were silent and unconcerned about Saddam Hussein's rape rooms in Iraq. They show no concern over the massacre of Christians by Muslims in Indonesia and Africa (in Timor and Sudan respectively). They showed no sympathy for the victims of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. Nor do they seem to care about the plight of the democracy advocates even today in real dictatorships such as Cuba, Venezuela and China. They cry about imagined slights to Islam but give not a thought to the millions of non-Muslims who dare not even practice their own religions in Saudi Arabia or Bahrain. They cavorted with Idi Amin without a thought for his millions of victims. And they are seemingly unconcerned with the attempts by Iran's mullahs to become nuclear and export their global jihad against the West to this country. However, they consider the twice-elected (and the second time with a clear majority of the popular vote- something that their revered Bill Clinton never managed) Chief Executive of the United States of America and his Administration to be 'criminal'?

It has been said that actions speak louder than words, but in this case, the words and actions of these groups have for a long time been aimed at the destruction of the United States. This latest foray merely strengthens my belief that the dormant laws on treason and sedition need to be applied. Not al speech is protected, and this kind of speech is defintely among that which is not. Calling for the overthrow of an elected and democratic government in a nation that lives by the rule of law likie the US is the very definition of treason. Where is the FBI when we need them? We have a disloyal opposition, and we have laws to deal with that. Maybe a long stretch in prison for treason or sedition might bring these traitors to their senses. Speech has consequences.

Hat tips to Captain Ed and Michelle Malkin.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Marching toward dhimmitude

Since the 'Mainstream' news media (especially the craven New York Times, have refused to run any of the famous Muhammad cartoons, they have little right to chide others for their supposed intolerance. However, since the Times HAS chided Christians for their outrage at the media's desecration of their own religion on a number of occcasions - most recently when they republished the atrocious dun-covered Virgin Mary 'art', one would at least expect some realization of what this whole cartoon incident has been about from the beginning.

And the Times does not disappoint. The so-called Paper of Record predictably, recognizes what the controversy is in fact about, but refuses to actually take a principled stand against the murderous Islamic intimidators. I think Captain Ed Morissey puts it best, writing:
Don't be fooled by this editorial. It signifies something worse than the pusillanimity shown earlier -- the Times admits they understand the stakes involved, and yet refuse to stand up to the Islamists anyway.

In contrast to the wannabe-dhimmi NY Times, the inestimable Mark Steyn gets it absolutely right, connecting the dots as he writes,
What, in the end, are all these supposedly unconnected matters from Danish cartoons to the murder of a Dutch filmmaker to gender-segregated swimming sessions in French municipal pools about? Answer: sovereignty. Islam claims universal jurisdiction and always has. The only difference is that they're now acting upon it.

It would be nice if the supposedly so-courageous American MSM (and a good portion of Europe) would pause in their rush toward dhimmitude to consider what it is they are in such a hurry to embrace.

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin and Captain Ed Morissey.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ingratitude - Revisited

In an earlier post, I discussed the crass ingratitude of the South Korean people. They were saved from a brutal dictatorship that to this day dominates their kinsfolk trapped in the North only through the sacrifice of thousands of American (and other Western powers') troops. Yet they are now so indoctrinated by the incessant propaganda spouted forth from the Dear Leader's communist heaven that it appears that almost half of soon-to-be-voter-aged South Korean youths say that their country should side with the North if the US attacks the Communist dictatorship.

In an amusing sidelight, it appears that 54 percent say that peaceful reunification was the preferred method of ending the division of the Korean Peninsula. I would be interested in their definition of 'peaceful'. I am certain that the Dear Leader would agree that if the US merely stepped out of the way, theree could be 'peace'. Peace with his leadership that is. And it appears that there are plenty of useful idiots in South Korea who would allow him to waltz in wihtout a fight.

Remind me again- why are we spending American money and troops protecting these ingrates? If they want to rejoin the North 'peacefully' so badly, why not let them have it? They can discover the error of their ways without subsidation from the United States. And if they actually lived under the Dear Leader, they might learn that yes, there ARE some things worth fighting for. Some things that the US, almost alone among nations, still has the will-power to stand up and fight for, despite their so-nuanced views.

Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

More from the Religion of Peace

According to Yahoo! News, Nigerian Muslims protesting the Muhammad cartoons burned churches and attacked Christians yesterday. This is not the first time that this has occurred (there are constant attacks by Muslims on Christians without any Muhammad cartoons being involved), but I note that not one media organization correctly categorised these as religious-based attacks. These would probably be categorized as hate crimes if a Christian group did anything remotely similar to this. When will the MSM notice that their protestations of peacefulness regarding Islam ring remarkably hollow, belied by the actions of Muslims themselves around the world. For that matter, when will the MSM choose to cover the persecution that Muslims routines apply to anyone who is so unfortunate as to live in areas where Islam is the dominant religion. Muslims are free to practice their beliefs in almost any Christian country. Can you think of any Muslim society where Christians are equally free to practice THEIR beliefs?

And on a related note, when will the non-Muslim nations of the world wake up and remember their history- Islam has invaded virtually every non-Muslim nation/culture on Earth multiple times in an attempt to conquer and bring all the world's peoples under their bloody and backward religion. In comparison, Christianity has never tried to conquer the world by the edge of their sword. When will the world wake up and put their foot down on Islam's dreams of domination once and for all? It needs to happen. And soon.

Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Revisiting the Muhammad Cartoons

I have been remiss. In view of the manufactured and trumped up anger of the so-called 'Muslim street' over the famous Muhammed cartoons, I would like to remind our cowardly Mainstream media (none of whom have the intestinal fortitude to publish the actual Muhammad cartoons) of the following:

1) The United States is NOT a Muslim country
2) We are NOT bound by sharia, thank the good Lord Jesus Christ
3) Mulim prohibitions are meaningless to non-Muslims such as we (mostly) are
4) Muslims torture, behead and otherwise mistreat Christians and other non-Muslims who are so unfortunate as to live in their territory. I don't recall our cowardly mavens of the MSM worrying about THEIR feelings as they desecrate Christianity
5) Muslims who live in the United States may wish to observe sharia, but sharia does not supercede the Constitution of the United States
6) Non-Muslims who live in the United States are free to speak their minds and draw occasionally unflattering depictions of the prophet Muhammad whether Muslims like it or not
7) The Press' newfound 'understanding of religious feelings' certainly does not extend to Christians of any denomination (see the NY Times' recent and entirely unnecessary re-depiction of the Virgin Mary smeared in dung). Either extend this courtesy to all religions or drop the pretense

In view of the above and due to the boundless cowardice of our self-appointed Imperial Media (thanks to Rich Lowry of the National Review Online for the description of the Washington Press corps) I have decided to provide the original drawings published by the Jyllands-Posten newspaper in Denmark. Judge for yourself if these cartoons are worth the rage that Islam and their useful idiots in the West are directing at them.

Below are the original cartoons as published on September 30, 2005

Gored by the MSM

I am very belated in discussing this story, but I am still in a state of disbelief at how the MSM has completely ignored the seditious and near-treasonous remarks uttered by former Vice-President Al Gore on Saudi soil last week.

In their haste to mock and attack the current V-P, Richard Cheney for his hunting accident, they have wilfully ignored a much more serious issue- that of US politicians with serious ambitions to make statements that can only be construed as anti-American at the least. While this issue has been covered at length by far more influential and better-informed commentators such as Hugh hewitt, Micehelle Malkin and Edward Morissey, I would like to say that I find this deliberate ignotring of the issue by the vast majority of our self-elected press elites to be disgraceful.

Isn't this the kind of news that the media exists to cover? But instead, they are busy throwing a juvenile temper tantrum over the 14-hour delay in notifying them of the Texas accident. This is merely more evidence that the Washington Press corps is an institution that may have outlived its usefulness.

Even the Dems Can Get One Right...

...if only for cheap partisan reasons. I see that the Democrats are planning a bill to block the purchase of port services in several major US ports by a Dubai gvernment-owned company.

My reaction is an immediate 'GOOD!'. While I still do not believe that the Democrats are serious about security, I don't think that the Bush Administration is either knowledgable or serious about border control either and this is merely another example of it. Having American ports controlled by a non-US company from a region which has already demonstrated extreme hostility to America and American interests is a very bad decision in my opinion. Hopefully President Bush will come to his senses and use his Presidential authority to block this proposed purchase before it goes any further.

Both Michelle Malkin and Ed Morissey are on top of this story, as usual. Where is the MSM?

Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

the MSM, in Perspective

The inestimable Michelle Malkin nails the hypocrisy and narcissistic nature of our wonderful american Mainstream media in her article today in the Jewish World Review. As she writes:

In Calgary, Canada, the publishers of the Jewish Free Press and Western Standard magazine face civil lawsuits by local Muslims for publishing the cartoons. In Jordan and Algeria, a total of four other journalists face trial for publishing the cartoons. The original cartoonists have been targeted by Islamic terrorist groups and are in hiding.

Yet, here we are, as embassies blaze and editors cower in fear and radical imams ululate against the West, watching our esteemed media go Looney Tunes over an isolated hunting accident.

Who do you think will have the last laugh?

The saddest part is that while partisan hacks like Dana Milbank pontificate about matters on which they have little or no expertise, knowledgable critics such as Malkin are ignored. Remember Casssandra? I fear that thanks to the proliferation of blind Narcissists in our media, we may be facing a similar situation to the doomed warriors of Troy. Let us hope that the Muslim Trojan Horse will at least be spotted by the alert watchers such as Malkin or Jed Babbin before the 'Mainstream' media accepts it without the slightest checks- kind of like their reporting....

About that EU Constitution.....

Nothing is sweeter than well-deserved revenge, or hoisting one's foes by their own petard. An article in the UK's Telegraph this morning pointed that out, stating that the EU is about to reap what they have sowed. Poetic justice indeed. Read the whole thing.

Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

Happy Valentine's Day

No posting yesterday, due to Saint Valentine. Hope that everyone had a very happy and romantic Valentine's Day with their loved one(s).

Monday, February 13, 2006

Iran Speaks Again

If Democrats and Leftists can cease their crying over the NSA program long enough to realise that the world is a dangerous place, more eveidence of this was provided this morning by the 'President' of Iran, who declared that Israel wouldd be removed. He then claimed that the Holocaust was a myth. Not a comforting interview for the Israelis, I would think, nor for their many suppoorters.

In a related story, the London Telegraph reported that the United States is preparing military means to put Iran out of the nuclear-weapons business for a long time. The Telegraph report says that the US is planning to use submarine-based missiles and aircraft to strike the targets within Iran.

My only reaction- Why didn't we start working on this one earlier? A nulear-armed Iran is not something that any American can look on with feelings of ease. Unless they are leftist or Democrats, of course! And can we please find a way to stop these idiotic newspapers from publishing our plans in time for our enemies to make themselves safer? Maybe we can't stop the journalists, who seem to have no feeling of loyalty unless it is to terrorists, btu we ought to at least be able to stop the leakers.

Conspiracy on the Left

I learned over the weekend that Vice-Presiden Richard Cheney accidentally shot one of his hunting companions, who is reported to be in very stable condition today. However, the fact that the shooting was an accident appears not to have registered to the leftist agitators on the DEmocratic Underground. Courtesy of David Gold's radio show on KSFO yesterday, I heard a representative sample of their venomous rants:

Some of the tame (reprintable) samples were along the lines of the following:

A poster who goes by the handle 'themartyred' wrote:


THIS OCCURRED YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Another poster, who uses the handle 'bumblebee', wrote:

He probably killed the guy and it took them 24 hours to find a double...

Nothing would surprise me any more...

These individuals are hilarious. Of course, if they actually had an iota of comprehension about history or world affairs, they might not be so quick to turn on their own elected officials. Of course, these are the same folks who think Che Guevara is a hero- and wear T-shirts with that mass-murderer's face. Dreaming that someday they will bee able to set up their own little gulags, perhaps? After all, it is the Left who is known for being in bed with murderous dictators- Mao, Stalin, Che, Castro, etc. Therefore, i find these comments amusing in the extreme. And these folks think they should be leading our country? Scary....

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Anti-Americanism in the West

Does the so-callled West have a death wish? I begin to think so, with the report from Yahoo News that Italy might put CIA agents on trial in absentia. This to me seems the height of absurdity.

According to the report, CAI agents kidnapped a terrorism suspect off the streewts of Milan. The prosecutors have asked the US for extradition but neither the US governemnt nor the Italian government has responded. To which I say- good for them. So the prosecutors are planning to try the CIA agents they claim planned the kidnapping in absentia.

This is another example of anti-American criminal justice systems trying to seive control of areas in which they have absolutely no extertise and no legal standing. These prosecutors are more concerned about the possibility that this terrorist might be questioned that by the strong possibility that he was planning attacks against them and their families. They are blinded by their anti-Americanism.

Like the criminal justice system here in the US, the Italian justice system should concentrate on criminal acts, not actions in a war by soldiers- even if they are the agency Europe loves to hate like the CIA. The Europeans ought to remember that if they succeed in finding the CIA men and women guilty, then the next time, their might not be any help when the Muslim terrorists crash their party. But if they wish to continue their blind march toward cultural suicide, i suppose that we will hagve to let them. Too bad. Europe once was a continent reknowned for its strength. Now it is known only for its fear and cowardice...

And so they blame the US

A recent report in the MyWay News site reported that Afghani protestors targeted a U.S. military base in response to the cartoons of Muhammad (that can be seen in their entirety HERE). Of course, the article's headline did not reflect that the protestors were in a southern Afghani province marked for it's instability and Taliban ties. That information was included in the body of the article, but someone merely reading the headline would have completely missed that vital information.

However, this does bring up the question of why this was considered front-page news. The fact that the Afghanis in that particular province are not particularly firendly to the US is not news. Annd the fact that the cartoons are being protested in violent ways aroudnt eh world is not news. This particular article sheds no light, and in fact merely aids the Muslim protestors in making their anger public. So what? According to one of the protestors, the United States "is the leader of Europe and the leading infidel in the world," said Sher Mohammed, a 40-year-old farmer who suffered a gunshot wound while taking part in the demonstration in the city of Qalat.
"They are all the enemy of Islam. They are occupiers in our country and must be driven out," Mohammed said.

WWho is an infiedl again? You would thin that the Press would remember that only if you accept Islams' idea that Muslims are the Chosen People that the rest of us are infidels. It is equally correct for those of us who are NOT Muslim to call Muslims infidels, and we would be correct. So why won't the Press accept that Christianity and Judaism or even Buddhism are equal tenets to Islam? But yet, they seem to already wish to don the garb of dhimmitude.

I sometimes wonder how anyone can trust the mainstream news organizations, as their attempts to obscure the actual facts and their even hevier-handed attempts to fit news into their own anti-American, anti-capitalist worldview make it impossible to believe anythign that they say. It is particularly amusing that these scribblers, few of whom possess any skills that would allow them to succeed in areal discipline (such as engineering, or even history) and who would be the first targets of the Muslim extremists that they do everything in thyeir power to assist, have such a limited understanding of the events on which they report. And yet they continue to insist that we should give them the power to determine what the rest of us should think. I think not.

Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

About that economy....

Why the White House is not trumpeting this news is beyond me. Despite all the Democratic politicians and their clueless and ignorant stooges in the media (especially the New York Times), a recent report from the Labor Department stated clearly that the jobless rate fell to its lowest since July of 2001, while adding jobs in virtually every industry. The report, found in in the February 3, 2006 online edition of the Times itself, also stated that wages are rising and joblessness is decreasing in virtually every group as well.

This does make me wonder how both the Democrats and their media shills can possibly keep mouthing the mindless 'bad economy' argument when every single number appears to belie said argument. I can only come up with two potential explanations- ignorance and cupidity. Ignorance about the economy- not very difficult when journalists are among the least-qualified individuals to pass judgement on anything other than their feelings, and politicians are bound by their political needs. But at some point, the truth must seep in.

And for those individuals whose policies are responsible for this strong economy (that would be George W. Bush and the Republican Party, for those of you keeping score at home), despite Katrina, the September 11th attacks and a host of depression constantly fed the nation by the supposedly impartial press, you should be taking credit very publicly. That means public crowing, Mr. Bush, so that your discredited Democratic enemies (and they are indeed enemies) are even more discredited with the voters. You would think......

Who Need Fact-Checking?

This post, courtesy of Ed Morrissey is just too funny. It appears that the so-called 'professional' journalists over at AP can't even do the smallest bit of fact-checking when they publish even an obituary for a well-known actor! Read the whole thing- then you may indulge in the belly laughs that this piece of un-professional 'journalism' deserves.

Tell us again, oh mighty and 'professional' MSM, about your 'multiple levels' of fact-checking and editors? Hat tip to Captain Ed Morissey.

Venezuelan Hyberbole

According to the Reuters news agency, Venezuelan "President" Hugo Chavez has now made the claim that US President George Bush (who, unlike Chavez, has actually won fair elections, thus the necessary quotes around Chavez's title. Only Jimmy Carter has approved Chavez's elections, and we all know how much we should trust a Carter asssessment by now.) is worse than Adolf Hitler. Needless to state, Reurters breathlessly put this bit of hyperbole as a lead article, never even reminding its audience how over the top this sort of oratory actually is.

But then, to do that would mean that reporters (who mostly appear to agree with Chavez) actually perform professionally. When was the last time that a US official's assessment or statement that country X constitutes a potential threat was treated as though it was truthful. US statements are almost always framed as 'claims' by the national and international media and treated with suspicion. No such objectivity is given to Chavez's demonstrably false and overwrought claims.

Remind me again about the 'un-biased' press?

Saturday, February 04, 2006

More Media Cluelessness

When in Japan, I tend to read the Yomiuri Shinbun's (読売新聞) English edition (since my newspaper Japanese is decidedly rusty). One thing I noticed in the time I have been here, is that the Yomiuri gets a large chunk of its foreign news and op/ed from the Washington Post. This is not in and of itself a bad thing, but it does propagate the general anti-American, anti-Bush cluelessness displayed by so many reporters, both in the United States and abroad.

For example, in the one of the past week's print edition of the Yomiuri, there is a long article about how the United States has become much worse under President Bush. The writer, who apparently has little or no expertise in foreign policy, economics or any other discipline, claimed that our economy was in the tank, that Bush, who came to office promising to unite, not divide, had made polarization worse, that Bush's 'unilateralism' had made the US a pariah nation and that we needed to work very hard to regain our world status.

This fatuous, and extremely untrue article can be refuted at every point. The economy is doing just fine- unless you are a big Hollywood actor who is being reviled for your left-wing views. The war in Iraq is not and never was 'unilateral' and the fact that we have removed two sadistic and unfirendly regimes and replaced them with burgeoning democracies is quite astounding. The PResident's low poll numbers can be attributed to the ferocity and dedication of the national and internationla news organizations to destroying Bush's Presidency. And the 'division' in American politics is a good thing. Let Democrats and Republicans present their differing views (at least for the Republicans- I haven't seen that the Dems HAVE any plans as of yet), and then let the voters decide.

However, the most important point is that this article was in the Yomiuri, but after Googling it, I cannot find it on any US media site. This is backed up by Gaijin Biker's appropriate comments on the infamous Japanese Newsweek cover. It seems that the Press is fearless in attacking America and the Republican Party overseas, but sees to be a little afraid to placing their poisonous opinions wher Americans might actually read them.

Religious Respect and the Press

I was reminded yet again today how our mainstream media has differing standards for different cultures, despite all their bleating abiout 'multiculturalism'. The Boston Globe opined against the famous Muhammad cartoons recently published by a Danish newspaper, complaining that,
...publishing the cartoons reflects an obtuse refusal to accept the profound meaning for a billion Muslims of Islam's prohibition against any pictorial representation of the prophet. Depicting Mohammed wearing a turban in the form of a bomb with a sputtering fuse is no less hurtful to most Muslims than Nazi caricatures of Jews or Ku Klux Klan caricatures of blacks are to those victims of intolerance.

Really? Where was all this respect for religion when the Brooklyn Museum decided that covering a depiction of the Virgin Mary with dung passed as 'art'. At the time, the Boston Globe said,
The mayor said: "You don't have a right to a government subsidy to desecrate someone else's religion." It's a passionate argument, but it ignores the facts and the law. None of the $2 million for the "Sensation" exhibit came from New York City. Serious allegations have been raised about the museum's fund-raising for the exhibit, but that is a separate issue.

Note that the paper didn't seem to feel that Christians had any right to be offended, and certainly the paper did not take their feelings about their religion into account. This same double-standard is applied to actually reporting the news. In the United States, the Press does their best to out anything that might be dtrimental to the governemnt- especially when a Republican Administration is in charge. Contrast this with their willingness to self-censor when they are dealing with non-Christian countries, most infamously by Eason Jordan and CNN in their incestuous relationship with Saddam Hussien's Iraq (and more recently, Google's Chinese portal). Maybe that is why the world's media are so against the removal of Hussein's regime- their lovely little insider status, along with who-knows-what other perks, went away with it.

Is it too much to ask that the Press exhibit even-handedness in regards to ALL religions? I can understand why the world's Muslims are so upset. However, in comparison to the attacks that Chrisitians endure on a daily basis from the Press, this was pretty tame. Even the Boston Globe ought to understand that. If not, perhaps they might want to review their own archives.

And if you are not familiar with said cartoons, seeing as how our 'objective' media won't publish them (imagine if they were anti-Christian; I think I can safely guarantee they would be on everyone's front page in that event) you can view them HERE, courtesy of Captain's Quarters. In the meantime, Michelle Malkin has an honor roll of every blog who has so far had the will to publish these. And the Muslims are giving support to the idea that they are a bunch of crazed theocratic maniacs who want to kill or conquer every non-Muslim in the world- just like the cartoons suggested they were. And by the way, for you Press People, when was the last time the much-maligned Christian Right ran around firing off guns, shouting 'God is Great' and threatening to kill/kidnap/destroy those who demean them in print? Just asking....

Hat tips to Glenn Reynolds, Michelle Malkin and The Volokh Conspiracy.