Friday, February 17, 2006

Revisiting the Muhammad Cartoons

I have been remiss. In view of the manufactured and trumped up anger of the so-called 'Muslim street' over the famous Muhammed cartoons, I would like to remind our cowardly Mainstream media (none of whom have the intestinal fortitude to publish the actual Muhammad cartoons) of the following:

1) The United States is NOT a Muslim country
2) We are NOT bound by sharia, thank the good Lord Jesus Christ
3) Mulim prohibitions are meaningless to non-Muslims such as we (mostly) are
4) Muslims torture, behead and otherwise mistreat Christians and other non-Muslims who are so unfortunate as to live in their territory. I don't recall our cowardly mavens of the MSM worrying about THEIR feelings as they desecrate Christianity
5) Muslims who live in the United States may wish to observe sharia, but sharia does not supercede the Constitution of the United States
6) Non-Muslims who live in the United States are free to speak their minds and draw occasionally unflattering depictions of the prophet Muhammad whether Muslims like it or not
7) The Press' newfound 'understanding of religious feelings' certainly does not extend to Christians of any denomination (see the NY Times' recent and entirely unnecessary re-depiction of the Virgin Mary smeared in dung). Either extend this courtesy to all religions or drop the pretense

In view of the above and due to the boundless cowardice of our self-appointed Imperial Media (thanks to Rich Lowry of the National Review Online for the description of the Washington Press corps) I have decided to provide the original drawings published by the Jyllands-Posten newspaper in Denmark. Judge for yourself if these cartoons are worth the rage that Islam and their useful idiots in the West are directing at them.

Below are the original cartoons as published on September 30, 2005

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