Monday, February 13, 2006

Iran Speaks Again

If Democrats and Leftists can cease their crying over the NSA program long enough to realise that the world is a dangerous place, more eveidence of this was provided this morning by the 'President' of Iran, who declared that Israel wouldd be removed. He then claimed that the Holocaust was a myth. Not a comforting interview for the Israelis, I would think, nor for their many suppoorters.

In a related story, the London Telegraph reported that the United States is preparing military means to put Iran out of the nuclear-weapons business for a long time. The Telegraph report says that the US is planning to use submarine-based missiles and aircraft to strike the targets within Iran.

My only reaction- Why didn't we start working on this one earlier? A nulear-armed Iran is not something that any American can look on with feelings of ease. Unless they are leftist or Democrats, of course! And can we please find a way to stop these idiotic newspapers from publishing our plans in time for our enemies to make themselves safer? Maybe we can't stop the journalists, who seem to have no feeling of loyalty unless it is to terrorists, btu we ought to at least be able to stop the leakers.

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