Friday, February 17, 2006

Gored by the MSM

I am very belated in discussing this story, but I am still in a state of disbelief at how the MSM has completely ignored the seditious and near-treasonous remarks uttered by former Vice-President Al Gore on Saudi soil last week.

In their haste to mock and attack the current V-P, Richard Cheney for his hunting accident, they have wilfully ignored a much more serious issue- that of US politicians with serious ambitions to make statements that can only be construed as anti-American at the least. While this issue has been covered at length by far more influential and better-informed commentators such as Hugh hewitt, Micehelle Malkin and Edward Morissey, I would like to say that I find this deliberate ignotring of the issue by the vast majority of our self-elected press elites to be disgraceful.

Isn't this the kind of news that the media exists to cover? But instead, they are busy throwing a juvenile temper tantrum over the 14-hour delay in notifying them of the Texas accident. This is merely more evidence that the Washington Press corps is an institution that may have outlived its usefulness.

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