Thursday, February 09, 2006

Anti-Americanism in the West

Does the so-callled West have a death wish? I begin to think so, with the report from Yahoo News that Italy might put CIA agents on trial in absentia. This to me seems the height of absurdity.

According to the report, CAI agents kidnapped a terrorism suspect off the streewts of Milan. The prosecutors have asked the US for extradition but neither the US governemnt nor the Italian government has responded. To which I say- good for them. So the prosecutors are planning to try the CIA agents they claim planned the kidnapping in absentia.

This is another example of anti-American criminal justice systems trying to seive control of areas in which they have absolutely no extertise and no legal standing. These prosecutors are more concerned about the possibility that this terrorist might be questioned that by the strong possibility that he was planning attacks against them and their families. They are blinded by their anti-Americanism.

Like the criminal justice system here in the US, the Italian justice system should concentrate on criminal acts, not actions in a war by soldiers- even if they are the agency Europe loves to hate like the CIA. The Europeans ought to remember that if they succeed in finding the CIA men and women guilty, then the next time, their might not be any help when the Muslim terrorists crash their party. But if they wish to continue their blind march toward cultural suicide, i suppose that we will hagve to let them. Too bad. Europe once was a continent reknowned for its strength. Now it is known only for its fear and cowardice...

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