Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ingratitude - Revisited

In an earlier post, I discussed the crass ingratitude of the South Korean people. They were saved from a brutal dictatorship that to this day dominates their kinsfolk trapped in the North only through the sacrifice of thousands of American (and other Western powers') troops. Yet they are now so indoctrinated by the incessant propaganda spouted forth from the Dear Leader's communist heaven that it appears that almost half of soon-to-be-voter-aged South Korean youths say that their country should side with the North if the US attacks the Communist dictatorship.

In an amusing sidelight, it appears that 54 percent say that peaceful reunification was the preferred method of ending the division of the Korean Peninsula. I would be interested in their definition of 'peaceful'. I am certain that the Dear Leader would agree that if the US merely stepped out of the way, theree could be 'peace'. Peace with his leadership that is. And it appears that there are plenty of useful idiots in South Korea who would allow him to waltz in wihtout a fight.

Remind me again- why are we spending American money and troops protecting these ingrates? If they want to rejoin the North 'peacefully' so badly, why not let them have it? They can discover the error of their ways without subsidation from the United States. And if they actually lived under the Dear Leader, they might learn that yes, there ARE some things worth fighting for. Some things that the US, almost alone among nations, still has the will-power to stand up and fight for, despite their so-nuanced views.

Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

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