Wednesday, February 15, 2006

the MSM, in Perspective

The inestimable Michelle Malkin nails the hypocrisy and narcissistic nature of our wonderful american Mainstream media in her article today in the Jewish World Review. As she writes:

In Calgary, Canada, the publishers of the Jewish Free Press and Western Standard magazine face civil lawsuits by local Muslims for publishing the cartoons. In Jordan and Algeria, a total of four other journalists face trial for publishing the cartoons. The original cartoonists have been targeted by Islamic terrorist groups and are in hiding.

Yet, here we are, as embassies blaze and editors cower in fear and radical imams ululate against the West, watching our esteemed media go Looney Tunes over an isolated hunting accident.

Who do you think will have the last laugh?

The saddest part is that while partisan hacks like Dana Milbank pontificate about matters on which they have little or no expertise, knowledgable critics such as Malkin are ignored. Remember Casssandra? I fear that thanks to the proliferation of blind Narcissists in our media, we may be facing a similar situation to the doomed warriors of Troy. Let us hope that the Muslim Trojan Horse will at least be spotted by the alert watchers such as Malkin or Jed Babbin before the 'Mainstream' media accepts it without the slightest checks- kind of like their reporting....

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