Monday, April 09, 2007

How Americans Behave in Captivity

Much attention has been paid to the 15 British servicemen and women who were recently held prisoner by Iran. They were granted permission by the British military to sell their stories to the Press. However, it appears that there is a difference between how members of the EU behave under captivity and how Americans behave in captivity.

Over at IMAO, there is a post by a former American hostage of the 1979 embassy seizure. He recounts their captivity, contrasting it with how the Britons behaved under similar circumstances. He writes, "For our troubles we were isolated, thumped, went through two mock executions, starved, threatened, and had to put up with useful idiots from Amnesty International showing up just to let the world know how humane we were being treated."

He goes on to say that "We resisted at each opportunity, except for Army Sgt Joe Subic who collaborated from day 1 and was later snubbed by the rest of us (and was the only one not to receive a citation). We refused to cooperate, stole keys, plugged toilets, pissed in their rations, blew circuit breakers, laughed in their face when they threatened us and cursed them when they beat us. Steve Kirtley even told one of them to pull his finger! The monkey did and Steve was beaten for the inevitable result."

Contrast this behavior with that of the British prisoners. While not belittling their ordeal, I must say that it would appear they have less stamina than our boys for resisting. Whatever happened to the old British spirit that carried them through the Blitzkrieg?

I especially enjoyed the comments about Amnesty International. They were certainly up in arms about Guantanomo Bay, and so worried about those pooor Muslim prisoners. Anyone heard a peep out of them regarding the Britons? Read the whole thing.

Hat tip to Power Line.

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