Monday, April 09, 2007

democrats? really?

The Democrats claim to be the party of the people. Leaving aside the Communist-sounding implications of that claim, it appears that they are not as friendly to the less-wealthy as they like to claim. According to the Charlotte Observer, Elizabeth Edwards, wife of permanent campaigner John Edwards is afraid of her "rabid, rabid Republican" neighbor- a person she has never actually met!

Later in the article it appears that she is also not pleased with the fact that said neighbor can't make his 42 acres as pristine as the Edwards' recently-purchased 102-acre, 28000-square-foot estate. According to the Observer:
Edwards views Johnson as a "rabid, rabid Republican" who refuses to clean up his "slummy" property just to spite her family, whose lavish 28,000-square-foot estate is nearby on 102 wooded acres.

The neighbor, a Mr. Monty Johnson, takes umbrage at that suggestion:
Johnson said he has lived his entire life on the property, which he said his family purchased before the Great Depression. He said he's spent a lot of money to try and fix up the 42-acre tract.

"I have to budget. I have to live within my means," Johnson said. "I don't have millions of dollars to fix the place."

Sounds reasonable. Mr. Johnson isn't a multi-millionaire trial lawyer like Mr. Edwards. He is trying to keep up his large tract of inherited family property out of his own pocket with resources that are decidedly less than those of the Edwards family. If Mrs. Edwards feels that the site needs improvement, maybe she could give Mr. Johnson some of her own money to help out. After all, her husband is trying to get elected President on a platform that the re are "two Americas"- rich (like himself?) and poor (like Mr. Johnson?). Since Mr. Edwards claims the government should redistribute income to from rich to poor, shouldn't Mrs. Edwards do the same, saving the rest of the taxpayers from having to do so? But that would require doing what Democrats don't want to do- actually giving THEIR money and/or privileges to those dastardly normal people (or even worse- to Republicans!). In the end, this is just one more example of rich, elitist Democrats not taking kindly to living near ordinary people. Remind us again- which party is the real party of the people?

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