Thursday, April 26, 2007

More Global Hysteria

From the media, naturally. However, in their rush to declare global warming a natural disaster and to try to tell us what we ought to do (since they of course know better than we peons, who should be grateful to them for their 'guidance'), they appear to have (as usual) overlooked the fact that not all scientists agree with them! Far from the "consensus" that the media loves to portray on the topic of global wartming, there are many reputable scientists who do not believe that global warming is either a major issue nor human-caused.

Due to work issues, posting has been light yesterday and today, but this was too much to pass up. I have highlighted other global warming skeptics in this space before, but today the Cornwall Standard Freeholder out of Ontario, Canada announced that The current debate about global warming is "completely irrational," and people need to start taking a different approach, say two Ottawa scientists.

The scientists in question are Tim Patterson from Carleton University and Tom Harris, from the National Resources Stewardship Project. Supporting Patterson's findings, Harris said,

Global warming assertions are based on inconclusive evidence put forth in science reports that had not been published yet, he said.
"The media takes (inconclusive) information that only suggests there could be a climate problem and turns it into an environmental catastrophe," said Harris.

Meanwhile, the paper reports that "Patterson explained CO2 is not a pollutant, but an essential plant food. Billions of taxpayers' dollars are spent to control the emissions of this benign gas, in the mistaken belief that they can stop climate change, he said."

I recall the media's rush in the 1970s to declare (with similarly thin evidence) that the next Ice Age was upon us. This is very similar, at least in my mind. It wsould be nice if reporters would at least TRY to address issues like this with an open mind once in a while. But their pack mentality, coupled with their almost total inability to think rationally and objectively (especiazlly when their emotions are involved) makes them very susceptible to being manipulated by "progressive" groups like the environmentalists.

Personally, I understand my lack of knowledege on the topic, so will not opine on it further. However, based on my study of history, I agree with Dr. Patterson, who says "The only constant about climate is change".

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