Monday, April 02, 2007

More Judicial Activism

as the Supreme Court, once again sticking its nose into affairs reagarding which it has neither knowledge nor expertise, decides that the EPA can regulate greenhouse gasses as a pollutant.

How did the justices decide that said gasses are a pollutant? Probably the same way they granted rights to terrorists and found a right to privacy in a Constitution that never intended one. They certainly didn't look at the science, which is anything buut settled.

This is the latest in a long line of bad decisions from the Supreme Court, which seems to have forgotten that the Constitution does not set the Supreme Court up as a God. So I guess that we can all get ready for massive tax hikes and cost increases as auto makers are iincreasingly being squeezed into the same corner as tobacco companies were before them.I said at the tinme that the slippery slope had been embarked upon. Beware do-gooders - especially when they combine fanaticiscm with media power.

*sigh* If only the Republicans had had the courage to use their majority to remove the Court's jurisdiction from such things before the Democrats, who njever met a tax they didn't like, will undoubtedly try to tax as much as possible. Better buy a new car now, befroe we are stuck with cars that are the equivalent of low-flow toilets and shower heads. Do the former conserve water? OF course not- people are simply forced to take longer showers.

This will be the same. And who will profit? The government, of course. Funny how that works....

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