Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Case Against Gun Control

Read Classically Liberal's well-researched essay on the subject of how gun control only aids murderers and terrorists. Why are ignorant liberals allowed to disarm us in the face of terrorisxm and mass murderers?

Can the FAA guarantee that airplanes are completely safe? Of course not, so why do we allow them to remove our Second Amendment rights? Can adminstrators or campus police guarantee that they will be able to prevent acts such as those of Seung Cho? Of course not. As we saw in the Virginia Tech shootings, not one police officer arrived anywhere near any of the shootings until after the shooter had taken his own life. So why do we allow ignorant and politically-correct administrators to reomove our Second Amendment rights?

When citizens start shooting back, criminals run. That has been proven time and again. So why do we allow well-menaing but ignorant politicians and even more ignorant and agenda-driven media to define the debate. The Second Amendment is clear- "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infirnged."

If only our politicians would take this Constitutional right as seriously as the entirely made-up "right" of abortion (which can be found nowhere in the Constitution), then we would probably live in a safer society. Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds.

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