Friday, April 20, 2007

Bomb Iran!

Senator John McCain set a wonderful example of how to respond to knee-jerk political correctness police when he responded to questions on his "Bomb, Bomb Iran" joke yesterday. McCain was asked by a inane reporter (yes, I know that coupling "inane" and "reporter" is redundant) if he was concerned about the joke being insensitive. He responded "Insensitive to what? The Iranians?".

Good for Senator McCain! The media and their friends in the political correctness arena have made it very difficult for people to actually engage in free speech- unless of course they are the favored disciples of said media (like CAIR, Jesse Jackson, etc). It is refreshing to see a public figure stand up to the self-appointed PC police for a change.

On a more serious note, Senator McCain was absolutely correct in his take on the entire Iranian sittuation. he advocates leaving military force as an option on the table in order to prevent Iran from actually gaining nuclear weapons capability. This SHOULD be only common sense- you do not, after all, deliberately weaken yourself when faced with a threat, do you? It is a pity that more of our elected officials do not share McCain's understanding that in the end, the only thing thugs respect is force, and diplomacy, when not backed by a credible threat, will never succeed.

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