Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tolerance, Islam-style

American and Western leftists like to claim that Islam is a "religion of peace". They also like to claim that Islam is "tolerant". Well, can they define tolerance? Today, the Washington Times newspaper reports that a Taliban-style court in Pakistan issued a fatwa against the Minister of Tourism for posing in what they call an obscene manner.

So what did the minister actually do? She apparently went hang-gliding and allowed herself to be photographed in hang-gliding wear, and then hugged the instructor when she landed. This drove the Islamic fundamentalists off the cliff, provoking the fatwa- essentially a sentence of death.

Islamic fundamentalists believe women are equivalent to slaves. This should be anathema to Westerners - especially the Left. But I haven't heard any condemnations from NOW about the fatwa. In fact, has any Muslim group condemned the fatwa? I haven't heard any. Now imagine that a Western university shut off funds for the Vagina Monologues, or for Muslim Appreciation Week. Or tried to hold a Christian event- any Christian event. Think how loudly they would scream. And the Press would abet them and encourage those screams every inch of the way. Yet no one has from these supposedly progressive organizations has stepped forward yet to condemn the Muslim fundamentalists, and praise the brave woman who challenged the fundamentalists.

Ultimately, the Left has no courage to challenge real threats. It is much safer to criticise George W. bush or Republicans, or the United States. They face no risks in doing so. But it is funny that they are allied with the Islamic fundamentalists, when their most dear beliefs are anathema to the Islamic fundamentalists.

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