Friday, April 13, 2007

Iraq-al Quaeda Connections

The current talking points from the Democrats and their shills in the national media is that there was no connection between Saddam Hussein's Iraq and al Quaeda. The Washington Post continued this spin last week with an editorial claiming that the CIA did not think there were any ties between Huseein's Iraq and al-Quaeda.

Unfortunately for the Post, there is significant evidence that Iraq and al-Quaeda were cooperating at a farily high level. Thomas Joscelyn today points out these connections in his article for the Weekly Standard.

Among other things, Joscelyn says,
The bottom line is that members of the CIA, including the Agency's director, certainly believed in 2002 that there was a relationship between the Iraqi regime and al Qaeda. And no matter what he says now, Senator Levin knows that. In a June 16, 2003 appearance on NewsHour, Senator Levin explained:

"We were told by the intelligence community that there was a very strong link between al-Qaida and Iraq, and there were real questions raised. And there are real questions raised about whether or not that link was such that the description by the intelligence community was accurate or whether or not they [note: "they" here refers to the intelligence community, not the Bush administration] stretched it."

The idea that Feith's analysts cooked up the connection, while the CIA shunned the very notion, is pure fantasy--a fantasy dreamed up by Senator Levin and some former CIA members who have repeatedly made clear their disdain for the Bush administration.

Now if only the Post and the other Democratic shills in the media would actually direct some attention to the many captured documents from Iraq that prove saddam's interest in cooperating with al-Quaeda, his pursuit and former possession of the weapons that the liberals like to dismiss and his many attempts to harm the United States. But that would require that the Post and its fellow media organs actually do objective reporting- something they long ago abandoned where President George W. Bush is concerned.

Hat tip to Power Line.

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