Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Thugs Leading the Incompetent

The United Nations is an institution that has long outlived its usefullness, at least in this writer's opinion. More evidence of this is provided by the inestimable Anne Bayefsky, who reports on National Review that Iran and Syria are currently leading the U.N.'s Disarmament Commission!

This seems completely incomprehensible to me. I seem to recall that it is Iran which is so frantically seeking to possess nuclear weaposns, against every treaty they have signed. As Bayefsky so aptly puts it, "Yes Ripley, the very U.N. body charged with promoting nuclear nonproliferation installed in a senior position the state that the Security Council recently declared violated its nonproliferation resolutions. " And despite this violation, the useful idiots at the UN still elected Iran to lead the Disarmament Commission! No wonder all the thugocracies and dictatorships around the world love the UN. It makes them feel that they are legitimate, not the vicious and illegitimate bodies they actually are.

The UN was a wonderful idea. However, their anti-American, totalitarian-loving, corruptuion has reached the point where we can no longer afford to have these dangerous incompetents placed in a position where they can do us harm. It is time to evict the UN and put their former headquarters in Turtle Bay to some constructive use. I think a missile-shield research center sounds about right.

Hat tip to little green footballs.

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