Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Insurgent Splits

Apparently the so-called "insurgents" in Iraq are no more able to get along with each other than they are to defeat the US and our allies- despite the media's hopes. According to al-Reuters, the chief of al-Quaeda in Iraq was killed by other Islamic groups.

If this is true (and the US military has so far not confirmed it), then this would be yet another blow to al-Quaeda. They have staked much or even most of their prestige on defeating the United States in Iraq, and save for their success with the always malleable media, they have failed signally. It appears that they have also managed to rub the other anti-American groups in Iraq the wrong way as well. This highlights the fallacy of the "My enemy's enemy is my friend" philososphy, which we have used to our detriment as well. Hopefully this report proves true, as the more al-Quaeda suffers, the less chance there is that they will be able to repeat the events of September 11.

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