Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Democratic De-Funding

...or not as the case may be. It seems that after flirting with various unconsitutional and ineffective methods of surrenderin to tthe Islamic fundamentalists to satisfy their base, Congressional Democrats have finally seen the light and are now trying to defund the campaign in Iraq. While this is constitutional, their methods as usual leave much to be deisred. The new bill, as reported by the Associated Press, would only fund the Iraq campaign until July, then would set conditions for further funding, essentially usurping the President's Constitutional authority as Commander-In-Chief.

If the Congressional Democrats want to de-fund the Iraq campaign, so be it. They have the Constitutional authority to do so, and as we all know, elections do have consequences. However, the Democrats are desperately afraid of being held responsible for an Iraqi collapse, which is almost certain to follow any precipient withdrawal. This means that they are still trying to play games with military funding so as to avoid appearing to be responsible.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Congress, this is patently transparent. Either defund the Iraq campaign, or allow the troops the money that theey need. But don't try to play games and then claim you "support the troops". This sort of behavior will persuade neither your based nor the troops.

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