Friday, May 04, 2007

Royal Violence

Segolene Royal, the left-wing Socialist candidate for the French presidency, has warned that France risks violence if Nicolas Sarkozy, her center-right opponent, wins the election to be held on Sunday.

Isn't it interesting that it is always the Left who warns about violence if they don't win elections? When was the last time that a conservative politician was reduced to this sort of demagogism? I don't recall Nixon complaining when JFK stole the 1960 election. I certainly don't recall George H.W. Bush complaining or threatening violence when he lost a close election to Bill Clinton in 1992. But I certainly recall the threats of violence from the Left about both Gore and Kerry's losses to George W. Bush, and it is a constant refrain from the worldwide Left when their favored candidates are in trouble to warn that violence might result from a loss.

If societies are frightened of violence from the Left, maybe an increased vote for the Right mmight take care of the problem. After all, the conserfvatives have proven far better at controlling violence than leftisits. Conservatives put criminals in prison for long periods of time. Leftists give criminals perks and early releases. But more fundamentallly, conservatives carry guns. Leftists simply set up no-gun zones for the pleasure of mass-murderers.

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