Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Germans Get Sense?

Maybe. It is no secret that France and Germany were two of the prime movers behind the campaign to allow Saddam Hussein stay in power due to their sweetheart deals. It is also no secret that France is actively trying to sabotage the actions of the United States in the global arena, despite their own imperial pretensions, and Germany was at least an equal partner in the effort, up until recently.

However, the new Chancellor, Angela Merkel, appears to understand the dangers of alienating the United States. In an article in Der Spiegel, she is reported as "Re-orienting Germany away from Russia and towards the U.S.". This is more than just political posturing. It appears that Ms. Merkel actually understands the threat the West faces from the growing societies under totalitarian rule, such as China, as well as the threat facing the West from Islam.

On the threat coming from Asia, Der Spiegel writes,
Though the West, with 12 percent of the world's population, is still responsible for 60 percent of global economic output, the balance is shifting. Two decades from now, Europeans and Americans will produce less than half of the world economic product -- and with only 10 percent of world population by then. The Asians, says Merkel, are pursuing a "divide and conquer" strategy, and the best way to counteract is for the West to join forces. Democracy, freedom and a market economy are the values that Merkel sees as binding the United States and Europe together.

This is patently true. The bedrocks of our shared heritage are our belief in the rule of law, a free political system and a free market. These are our strongest weapons in the fight against totalitarianism- no matter what it calls itself. On a related topic, there is also her belief that there can be no solution in the problem of Islam without a strong partnership with the United States. Again according to Der Spiegel,
Merkel thinks differently. She is dedicated to the trans-Atlantic relationship and bases it on a fundamental political calculation. She is convinced that there can be no progress anywhere in opposition to the United States -- not in Europe and not in the Middle East. Even Europe's relationship with Asia requires coordination with Merkel's friends in the White House.

It seems that Merkel "gets it". This is good news not just for we Americans, but for all Westerners. Islam and all other enemies/competitors of the West have always relied upon the essential competition and divisions between European countries (and America as well) to help them realize their plans of conquest, whether that conquest be economic or military. Islam has tried this tactic a number of times through history, and China apparently is following suit. The Soviet Union also tried to drive wedges between the countries of the West.

However, Merkel is quite right. We must stand together, or ultimately, we will be defeated. Although George Bush has done a creditable job of coalition-building (despite the reports of the feckless idiots in the media), we must ultimately stand as one to prevail. Based on this report, seems that if Ms. Merkel has her way perhaps Germany will see the light. We can but hope.

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