Monday, May 14, 2007

Hillary's Military

Hillary CLinton, like most Democrats, is no friend to the United States military. Despite her transparent attempts to paint herself as a defender of the military, her record shows that she has never voted for any funding increases, nor has she ever wiedled her considerable influence to help any branch of the military. However, she is now trying to convince Americans that she would be a strong President in defense of the United States.

Very well, Mrs. Clinton. Since the only evidence of how you might behave as Commander in Ciheif can be found from your role as co-President in Bill Clinton's Administration, let's take a look at how that Administration used the military. David Limbaugh has done the groundwork for us in his excellent article over at, wherein he looks at how the Clinton Administration used the U.S. military.

His findings may surprise. Using U.C. Berkeley law professor John C. Yoo's essay "The Imperial President Abroad" which was published in The Rule of Law in the Wake of CLinton, edited by Roger Pilon as a source, Limbaugh writes that,
Even more noteworthy than the Clinton administration's frequent deployments of our troops in Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Haiti and his cruise missile volleys into Sudan, Afghanistan and Iraq, is that "in none of those cases did Congress provide authorization for the Clinton's decision to use force abroad."

Note that we're not debating the technicality of a formal declaration of war. Clinton didn't get congressional authority at all. I'm out of space, but the specific data on the Clintons' several deployments in the face of congressional disapproval is documented (including the damning vote counts) in the article.

I do not recall any media talking heads or Democrats condemning Clinton's Congressionally unapproved military excursions at the time, but should Hillary be elected and continue the pattern, then I shall be very interested to view the Democratic and media reaction. Not that I expect anything from it, but it will at least expose their hypocrisy.

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