Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Illegals Sue Government

For lack of overtime???

It appears that a ccompany located near Boston employed many illegal aliens. As is typical, this was conducted under the table, and it came to and end when federal immigration agents raided the place and arrested many of them in March.

However, the illegals are now suing in US court claiming that they were cheated out of overtime wages.
It said the company channeled payroll through Front Line to avoid a federal law requiring workers be paid time and a half for overtime.

"In a lot of ways, what they did unfortunately is not out of the ordinary. The practices are very common in a wide range of workplaces, especially those that use predominantly immigrant workers," said Audrey Richardson, an attorney with Greater Boston Legal Services, which represents the workers.

My first problem is that these illegals should not be allowed to sue the federal government at all. They are here illegally, so if they are suing, the suit should be thrown out and the members of the class action suit deported post-haste. In addition, this statement is simply staggering in its assumption that illegals somehow should have rights that American citizens are denied. I am a citizen but I am expected to follow every US law. Why are illegals exempt? As for Richardson's comment regarding these "standard practices", perhaps companies should not use illegal workers. If the workers are here illegally, then they have to take the risks associated. They are here illegally. If I wanted to work illegally in Mexico, what would the conditions be like? Certainly not as cozy as they are for Mexican illegals here.

The sooner we crack down and close our borders the better. Any companies found using illegal workers should be fined crippling amounts and put out of business. Then the illegals won't have to worry about overtime, since they won't be getting paid at all, and they might actually have to go back where they came from.

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