Monday, May 07, 2007

Kennedy "Sincerity"

Massachusetts senior Seantor Edward "Teddy" Kennedy is a buffoon (as well as a let-off manslaughterer). This is well known. However, for some reason he reamins hugely popular in his home state, and thus is virtually guaranteed re-election until he finally passes on. However, Kennedy is also a hypocrite. Regarded as a friend opf the envirtonmental movement, Kennedy has long been spared criticism because of his supposed support.

Unfortunately, like most other society enviropnmentalists (Hollywood actors and Manhattan socialites come rather quickly to mind), Kennedy is only an environmentalist when his interests are not threatened. According to the Boston Globe, Kennedy has used his position to secretly shot down a wind-farm project that was planned for off-shore of his vacation home. The Globe opined, "But like a lot of well-to-do Cape and Islands landowners and sailing enthusiasts, Kennedy doesn't want to share his Atlantic playground with an energy facility, no matter how clean, green, and nearly unseen."

Yes, Teddy Kennedy, like most limousine liberals, is a hypocrite. It's so easy to tout environmentalism fort the little people- as long as we elites aren't affected. It's easy to call for reduction of greenhouse gasses- as long as our motorcades are still allowed. And it is OK to force people to pay energy taxes as long as we can do as we wish. this is a typical of the Left. The only mystery is why so many Americans have yet to figure this out.

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