Friday, May 11, 2007

CNN Wishful Thinking

None of the major news providers in the United States are friendly to George W. Bush. CBS' transgressions have been well-documented, but they are hardly the only news organization that has spent the last six years trrying to destroy Bush's Presidency. However, CNN has been one of the most blatantly biased, and have made clear their prefernce for working with dictators such as Saddam Hussein to helping the United States under George W. Bush.

The CNN bias was clearly on display tonight, as CNN International channels flashed a "Bush Resigns" chyron for approximately 12 seconds. Tell us again about ther being no media bias, CNN?

No matter what the excuse, this behavior has been par for the course from the mainstream news organizations during Bush's Presidency. They have lied about him (CBS), twisted facts to make him appear wrong, refused to report honestly about the Iraq campaign and flat-out broken the law by publishing classified information simply because it might embarrass or damage him (New York Times). And let us not forget that the news organizations tried to throw the 2000 election to Al Gore by calling Florida for Gore while the polls in heavily Republican northern Florida were still open- a clear violation of federal election law.

The FIrst Amendment may protect the media from criminal prosecution, but there is a clear pattern of misrepresentation and outright false reporting here, and I would hope that once Mr. Bush leaves office, he pursues a remedy in the civil courts for what has been a clear campaign against him from the moment he was first elected. The only way to understand this systematic campaign to destroy him is in the context of an imperial media who cannot stand the fact that most Americans do not agree with their hard-left, anti-American agenda. One would hope that Americans continue to cancel subscriptions and turn to alternative news sources so that the traditional media might understand that this sort of behavior is simply not acceptable.

Correction- Late-night typing is never good. It is "chyron", not "chyon".

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