Thursday, May 03, 2007

A New Hope

We have been fighting Islamic fundamentalists for the better part of the last ten years (though only knowingly since 2001). And it seems that we have yet to make a dent in their America-the-Great-Satan ideology. However, a new article by Instapunk offers perhaps a solution to this.

Instapunk suggests in his article that:
The correct mission for western propaganda is to ignore the west altogether, forget Judaism and Christianity, and inflame the existing conflicts among the most devout of muslims. Goad them to become even more extreme in their definitions of what it means to be true to the message of the Prophet. The CIA doesn't need savvy political operatives; it needs demonically shrewd theologians who can catalyze the explosion of Islam into hundreds of fanatical splinter denominations. Then we can stand aside and watch as they tear themselves to pieces in an orgy of religiosity.

It just might work. After all, it certainly works for the Democrats- forget about everything except Our Enemy George Bush. So why not use the same strategy for the West's war against Islamic jihad. Just don't tell the Left- they haven't yet realized that saving their lives and their country from Islam is more important than scoring political points against the President. Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds.

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